Phap Hoa Pagoda is a temple founded by Venerable Dao Ha Thanh from Quang Nam in 1928 , in the year of Mau Thin . In the past, the pagoda had only thatched roofs and walls, built in the countryside of Dong Son Nhi hamlet , Phu Nhuan commune, Tan Binh district , Gia Dinh province , now Ward 4 , Phu Nhuan district , Ho Chi Minh City. In 1932, the pagoda was restored with a lime wall roof. Thanks to the Venerable Dao Ha Thanh , he took medicine to help people to attract many people to study. During the two wars, Indochina war and Vietnam war , some communist soldiers worked secretly in the temple. It has a secret cellar built in 1945 to hide revolutionary cadres, a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh receiving divine powers from the great mourning days of the country. Especially where there are graves of monks – soldiers Thien Chieu and also houses a memorial warriors Decision mail Ranger zone of Saigon -Cho Lon