Blue over Blue Mesa

This image was taken on a very cold winters afternoon at beautiful Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado. A perfect day for shooting infrared. The cloud cover was just amazing.

Winter in the Adobes

This image was captured in the Adobe hills of southwestern Colorado, with the amazing presents of these alien clouds.

Cottonwood Frame

The majestic cottonwoods frame the view of the San Juan Mountains long the river bottom.

Cross the Sky

A rural church in SW Colorado is hallowed with heavenly clouds above.

Ghost Tracks

Follow the abandon railroad tracks in to Autumn.


In Bryce National Park stands this mighty tree, that is overlooked by many and admired by few.

Indian Summer

A warm fall afternoon watching the clouds stroll by the Grand Mesa.

Pending Storm

A black and white image of large storm clouds rolling in over the Black Canyon.


Rural Railroad Crossing in rural western Colorado.

Door to the Past

In a remote area of center Utah still stand the remnants of the beautiful stone homestead that time has stolen memories from.

Old Cats

Black and White image of cattails at the end of their season.