One Year on Mt. Wendelstein by Christian Obermeier

KDRaw DSC01013 Pano

Astronomy and infrared go hand in hand. I am an astrophysicist who is working at the Wendelstein observatory in the Bavarian alps, where I am in charge of our multi-band camera 3KK which can see simultaneously in the optical and infrared. This, of course, inspires my photography and vice versa. Being an observer throughout the […]

California Foothills by David Nilsen

IMG 5961 Pano Edit copy

The foothills are a beautiful part of California that is often overlooked. In the past several months I’ve gone hiking in the foothills quite a bit and saw a transformation from a sea of yellow and dried out grasses to lush green rolling hills. But, infrared photography turns them into something completely different.

Desert Southwest by Klaus Priebe

Bisti Eggs IR Klaus Priebe

The unique landscape in the desert southwest, made up of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, lends itself to infrared photography so well. The light textures, Monsoon season all come together for some amazing images, I have been working on this project for the last 5 years and have many more to continue capturing the landscape […]

Trees are Life by Basuzilon

Basuzilon mention 1

At the very beginning of our human experience, trees were considered sacred and honorable: oaks were worshiped by the European Druids, redwoods were a part of American Indian ritual, baobabs were a part of African tribal life. Romans and scholars during the Middle Ages venerated trees in their literature. The modern human community has other, […]

Life in Another Light Photo Contest Winners

Lonely Tree David Hall

Grand Prize Winner for 1st Place Photo Essay Utah by Luciano Demasi Luciano Demasi takes us on a reverent walk through the gnarled desert landscape of Utah, showing us a hidden story and its many characters as he goes. See the full essay here! 2nd Place Photo Essay Hong Kong: The Golden City by Tran […]

Hong Kong: The Golden City by Tran Minh Dung

DSC2710 1 1

When I was a child, I especially loved the Hong Kong movies from TVB and many superstars ( Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau .etc.) They became a part of my memories. It also made me wish to visit Hong Kong city at least one time in my life. Through the new perspective of infrared […]

The Nikon Z6 Disassembly and Teardown

Z6Teardown 35

Nearly two months ago, we dove into the Nikon Z7 and showed you what was happing inside all the way down to the sensor. Today, we did the same with the Z7’s standard resolution counterpart, the Nikon Z6. At 25 megapixels and just under $2000 MSRP, the Z6 is encroaching on the Sony A7 III’s […]

The Fujifilm X-T3 Infrared Photography Review

Cover 1

The Fujifilm X-T3 that we tore down last week is now a fully capable, full-spectrum camera. As we did with the Nikon Z7 and EOS R, we’ll be putting the X-T3 through our full set of infrared photography tests. We’ll test the X-T3 for user-friendliness with respect to IR photography, infrared color performance, sensor artifacts, light leaks, […]

The Fujifilm X-T3 Disassembly and Teardown

DSC01368 47

You might have thought the Fujifilm X-T series was finished with the release of the X-H1, that Fujifilm was digging into the competition and leaving their love of style behind as was evident with that monstrosity. (We mean that lovingly.) But, the X-T3 is here, and it’s as beautiful as ever. Not only that, but […]

The Canon EOS R Infrared Photography Review

EOS R 00030 1

Now that our Canon EOS R is back in one piece (see our EOS R Teardown article here), we can test its performance for infrared photography. Just like our last infrared photography review of the Nikon Z7, we’ll be testing for user-friendliness with respect to IR photography, infrared color performance, sensor artifacts, light leaks, hot spots, […]

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