Life in Another Light Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner for 1st Place Photo Essay

Utah by Luciano Demasi

Luciano Demasi takes us on a reverent walk through the gnarled desert landscape of Utah, showing us a hidden story and its many characters as he goes. See the full essay here!

Photo Contest Winner

2nd Place Photo Essay

Hong Kong: The Golden City by Tran Minh Dung

Tran Minh Dung documents a beautiful city in golden light. See the full essay here!

Photo Contest

3rd Place Photo Essay

Invisible Paris by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Pierre-Louis Ferrer brings us the City of Lights in another wavelength. See the full essay here!


Honorable Mentions for Photo Essay

IR Stills Category Winners: Infrared Landscape

1st Place: Lonely Tree by David Hall

Photo Contest

2nd Place: Morning Fog by David Hochleitner

” That day, I was staying at a hotel in Mosern – Austria. I had an early apointment with a customer in that area. I didn’t get there in time. Stopping to take that shot was worth it, though.”

3rd Place: Home Sweet Home by Matteo Dalle Feste

Photo Contest

“Monte Pelmo is a Mountain of the Dolomites, in Italy. This mountain is 3168m above sea level, and it’s called ‘el caregón del Padreterno” (“The Throne of God” ). This infrared photo was taken on 26 November 2018 after a short snowfall”

Honorable Mentions for Landscape

IR Stills Category Winners: Infrared Color

1st Place: The Watchman by Blake Rudis

Photo Contest

“From the Bridge in Zion National Park looking toward ‘The Watchman’. “

2nd Place: Red Velvet by Helen Bradshaw

“Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Canada”

3rd Place: Tetonic by Matthew Stuart Piper


“A stormy day in the Grand Tetons!”

Honorable Mentions for Color

IR Stills Category Winners: Infrared Portrait

1st Place: Girl by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Photo Contest

“Natural portrait at 720nm.”

2nd Place: Eddie by Vladimir Migutin

Photo Contest

“Portraits in infrared are known for their surreal skin tones and contrasts. Just position your model near some vegetation, and it’ll result in a “Fairy Tale” look.”

3rd Place: Tropical Wonderland by Dave Tree


“The Tropical Palm house at Kew gardens, seen in full spectrum.”

Honorable Mentions for Portrait

IR Stills Category Winners: IR Black & White

1st Place: Zabriskie by Beamie Young

Photo Contest

2nd Place: Touch by Ivan Kulikov

Girl with flower

3rd Place: Life in the Desert by Klaus Priebe

Photo Contest

“Shot from the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness showing life in the desert and how fragile it is in the unique landscape”

Honorable Mentions for Black & White

Visible Light Winners

Photo Essay: The White Mountain by Anas Kamal

Anas Kamal documents the treacherous work of harvesting white limestone from a mountain quarry in Minya, Egypt. See the full essay here!

Photo Contest

Landscape: Dawn on Derwentwater by Scott Norris


“A new day breaks over the Lake District, England.”

Portrait: Egyptian by Mohamed Abdelkader

“Shot in Luxor, Egypt.”

Black & White: White Mud by Zoran Mulitinovic

Man and dog

“Shepherd returning home.”

Honorable Mentions for Visible Light

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