Hong Kong: The Golden City by Tran Minh Dung

When I was a child, I especially loved the Hong Kong movies from TVB and many superstars ( Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau .etc.) They became a part of my memories. It also made me wish to visit Hong Kong city at least one time in my life. Through the new perspective of infrared photography, I want to tell you the story of another Hong Kong which is, in my mind, a golden city: “Glorious but still peaceful”

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From the Victoria Peak mountain, you can see all of this beautiful city. It is a must-visit location in Hong Kong
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To reach The Peak mountain, you can take a train and see the scenery around the mountain
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The area around The Peak mountain has many houses and villas with fresh air. It much different from the crowded central area.
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View of a large street on Hong Kong Island. The transportation and roads are very good, with many high rise buildings and large shopping centers, but the cost of living in this area is very expensive.
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A sanitation worker is sweeping leaves in the morning. Because of their contribution, the roads in the city are very clean
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A taxi is parked in the Tsim Sha Tsui. Taxis are the most popular transportation in Hong Kong but are quite expensive
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You can also choose cheaper public transport options such as bicycles, trains, or buses to travel. But, you need to invest a little time to learn about the transportation system
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The city planted many trees to improve air quality and reduce temperatures on sunny days
Living corner in the Choi Hung apartment building, with an access way to the train station, school, and playground
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A group of elementary school students play basketball in a school playground next to a residential area
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Victoria Harbor is another popular area in Hong Kong. This area is very exciting and attractive to tourists
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A tourist photographing a statue of Bruce Lee, the legendary Hong Kong martial artist.
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The view of the parking lot at Hong Kong Airport. I will remember a lot about this beautiful city

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