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The White Mountain by Anas Kamal

Visible Light Photo Essay Winner

The Way To Work – A young boy, Mohammed, works from the first light of the sun, brings water,
tea, and equipment to the workers. Mohammed did not complete elementary school and went to work in the mountain to help his family with some money. After workers gather in the morning, they drink a cup of tea to warm themselves up in this cold atmosphere
Making Clouds – one of the workers uses a machine called “El fasalah” which cuts and partitions the mountain into stone blocks ” 3*26 cm”. This process produces a cloud of white limestone dust that can cause serious respiratory diseases
In the Storm – One of the workers walking in a thick fog of white lime dust. The lime affects the lungs of workers and injures them with serious diseases.
The Man of Sizes – Ahmed , a young man 18 years old ,┬áis responsible for the dimensions of the brick molds using the lever to move the path of the machine to the required size.
The Machine – “El hashasha”, the machine which extracts the final result of the stones as single blocks that are ready to use. This machine is very dangerous, sharp, and has no safe handling. Workers can be injured by cutting of the hand or foot.
The Track – Workers transport brick blocks cut by the machine’s track in preparation for the next round.
The Professor – Mostafa , an old man of 46 years , He has been working in the mountain for more than 20 years. He specializes in repairing faults that occur in the machine.
Transportation – The workers move the bricks to transport vehicles.
From Hand to Hand – The workers move the bricks from hand to hand and put it on the transport vehicles to be ready for trading in the market.
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