• Professional dust free conversion in an
    ISO Class 5 clean bench using high quality
    glass filters
  • Over 650 supported models to choose from
  • 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, Full
    Spectrum, and Two Spectrum filters all one
    low price!
  • Free and quick 5 day turnaround!
  • Free custom lens calibration!


  • "This will be one of the “first impressions of the converted cameras from Kolari Vision Infrared conversion service”. I have been in photography for over forty years now and worked in many different..."

    Steve Shelton Independent Forensics Photographer Courts digital photo analyst
  • "My first experience with an infrared-converted camera turned out to be a disappointment. After a little research, I had ended up sending a camera to a large, national camera-repair company that had come..."

    Allen Forrest Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • "My Lumix G5 was here when I got back from vacation and I could not be more pleased! It is great to meet someone like you with your obvious dedication to customer service. I appreciate the communications..."

    Jerry Turney Scottsdale, Arizona
  • "I first bought an IR converted camera from Kolari Vision few years ago from eBay. The camera worked perfectly and I was very satisfied. The owner was very responsive answering all my questions, which..."

    Stefan G. owner of "Stefig, LLC" - Web & Graphic design company and hobbyist photographer
  • "I have bought two cameras from Kolari Vision and am MORE than satisfied with them.Am now venturing on buying a third camera – not the run of the mill Compact..."

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Astrophotography Modifications

Now offering a H-alpha and SII conversion and a naked sensor conversion with extended sensitivity for the best imaging of nebulas and in light polluted skies.

NDVI Conversions

We are now offering single image capture NDVI conversions on all regular supported models as well as most action cameras and drone cameras.