Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters

Easy Install, Maximum Lens Compatibility, Rear Filtering

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One Size Fits All Lenses

No longer will you have to purchase multiple sizes of the same filter to fit all your different lenses. Our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in filters allow you to add rear filtering to your full-frame mirrorless camera systems so you can adapt one filter size across many lenses.

Perfect for wide-angle lenses and optics that don’t have filter threads. Designed by photographers, for photographers.

Premium Glass in a Magnetic Frame

We fit our professional-grade multicoated optics in lightweight durable CNC-machined aluminum frames. Our filters are designed with maximum lens compatibility and reduced vignetting in mind. The top-of-the-line glass we’re known for is optimized to ensure high image quality and sharpness throughout all of your lenses.

The filter frames are custom-fitted with carefully placed rare earth magnets to allow for an easy installation. The filter attaches to the mount and is held into place via a small amount of magnetic force without affecting any of the camera’s existing features, including IBIS.
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Canon RF-Mount Clip In Filters

For Canon RF-mount

Compatible with
Canon EOS RP,
Canon EOS R,
Canon EOS R5, R6, R7, R10, R5C

sony clipin landing

For Sony E-mount

Compatible with
Sony A7, Sony A7II, Sony A7III,
Sony A7R, Sony A7R II, Sony A7R III,
Sony A7R IV, Sony A7S, Sony A7S II, Sony A7S III, Sony A9, Sony A9 II, A7 IV, FX3

nikon clipin landing

For Nikon Z-mount

Compatible with
Nikon Z6*, Nikon Z7*,
Nikon Z6 II, Nikon Z7 II,
Nikon Z5*, Nikon Z9*

How easy is it to install our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters?

Our performance-optimized frames allow our filters to clip into place securely between your camera and lens via magnetic force. We designed them to be easy to install and easy to remove.

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Neutral Density (ND) Filters

As one of the most common types of filters on the market, you’ve likely heard of ND filters many times. But what exactly are ND filters, what do they do, and why would you want one? Neutral Density filters are made up of a darkened piece of glass that acts like a pair of sunglasses for your camera. They prevent a certain amount of light from entering the camera’s sensor while maintaining color’s hues and tones.

While lots of light is generally what you want in photography, there are times when it can be too much of a good thing. They are also useful for achieving a cinematic effect or long exposure photography.

10 Stop ND 1 Large

Mist Diffusion Filters

The Mist Diffusion filter creates a glowing haze effect by defocusing some light while maintaining a high-quality level of sharpness and contrast. This filter is especially useful for creating a cinematic, nostalgic effect or smoothening skin and blemishes.

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Mist Diffusion 1/4

Iridium - Color Enhancing Filter

Our Iridium filter can be used to boost the saturation of reds, blues, and greens when using stock cameras. When used with a full-spectrum camera, our Iridium filter creates an “IR-like” effect by turning green foliage light blue/white while retaining accurate skin tones.


No Filter

Iridium - Color Enhancing Filter

clear clipin lnd

Dust Protective Filter

Our Kolari Clear – Dust Protective Filter helps to deter dust from coming into contact with the sensor. The filter sits within the mount and catches any dust or debris instead of dust landing directly on the sensor. The filter’s hydrophobic multi-coating helps reduce reflections and makes the filter really easy to clean with an air blower or microfiber cloth.

Astrophotography Filter

Our UV/IR Cut (H-Alpha Pass) Filter maintains strong sensitivity in the H-Alpha range while removing unwanted UV & IR light. This filter will essentially turn your full-spectrum camera into an Astro-modded camera.

Our Light Pollution Filter can be used with stock cameras filter out common street lamp wavelengths and yellow light to cut through light pollution in high bortle zones.

NGC7000 Nov 2015 scaled 2048x1351 2

Infrared Filters

Our IR filters are made to work with full-spectrum modified cameras to target a specific wavelength or artistic effect. These filters either completely block visible light while only letting near-infrared pass or offer a mixture of both visible and near IR light. Useful for fine art, forensics, and many other professional applications.

hotmiror-BA croma-lite-infrared-clipin

IR Chrome Lite Infrared Clip-in Filter

The IR Chrome Lite uses both infrared and visible light to mimic the look of the classic Kodak Aerochrome IR film with little to no editing. This filter is only for use with a full spectrum converted camera. Its thin glass design allows it to work behind the lens and achieves richer color than the original IR Chrome.

Created with Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters

chrome rounded 1.png
round water
round vincent

See what people say

Unpaid endorsements, just pure enthusiasm.

The Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filters are my new go-to system. I’ve been tinkering with Infrared for years and never found an easier way to use filters. No adapters. No step-up rings. No magnetic contraptions. Just pop in a filter and forget it - get to shooting right away. Easy to pack, carry and handle as well. They’ve been performing so well, I might just have to grab the entire range! (Canon R6)
Rina Miele
(verified owner)
I have been shooting infrared images since I was 13 years old. First with film, and since 2002 with digital cameras. I have tried every approach and have had every conversion done to more than a camera store's worth of cameras. To date, the best conversion approach I have found is a full spectrum conversion done to a mirrorless camera with the Kolari Magnetic Clip in Filters. My images are now the sharpest, best IR rendition I have seen. Period.
Vincent Versace
(verified owner)
Nowadays, everyone loves Full Spectrum cameras because it unlocks so many options in terms of filters, and creativity which is at the core of this experience to seeing things under a different light. Kolari’s Magnetic Clip-In filters brings a whole new level in the infrared game, maxing-out every aspect of it. I find it very convenient and easy to install the filter in front of my Canon RP mirrorless camera. Swapping it takes a few seconds and cane be done on the field safely. The build quality is very robust and attention had been brought to every details. Further, the Magnetic Clip-In filter combined with Kolari’s Drop-In Filter adapter ring will give you one more layer of filtration (i.e. if you’re looking for long exposures: one clip-in infrared filter or IRChrome and one drop-in filter to use as neutral density). And this can fit all my Canon EF/RF lenses, making me feel I can use my gear up to such a high level never experienced before.
Tonee Gee
(verified owner)
These filters are great! Super easy to install and remove. I love the fact i don’t need to buy multiple filters for all my different sized lenses. Makes budgeting for photography gear so much easier!
Daniel Cole
(verified owner)

Frequently Asked Questions

These filters can not be physically stacked within the mount, however, you can still stack them with external lens filters without any degradation in image quality.

All of our filters can be used on normal unmodified cameras except our IR filters, which require a full-spectrum modified camera. For more information on what a full-spectrum conversion consists of, click here.

Yes! You will still have fast and accurate focus when using our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters throughout all focal lengths and focus range.

At this time, our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in filters can only be used on full-frame mirrorless cameras. Check for specific model compatibility in the product description.

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