Infrared Photography Articles

Welcome to our collection of infrared photography articles. We are actively adding content, so check back for more, or follow us on Facebook for updates when we add something. Have any IR or UV expertise you’d like to share? We are always looking for good articles and tutorials to add.

  • Getting Started – A basic guide to starting with infrared and setting up your camera after an infrared conversion
  • About IR – Learn the basics behind IR and the benefits of an infrared converted camera
  • Choosing a Filter – Things to consider when deciding which filter to use
  • When to go Full Spectrum – Find out if the full spectrum conversion is for you
  • Two Spectrum Conversion – Find out about our unique conversion, the two spectrum conversion
  • Choosing a Camera – Pros and Cons of various camera systems
  • Forensics – Basics of using IR and UV photography for forensic purposes

One thought on “Infrared Photography Articles

  1. I’ve been enjoying your articles. Lots of good information here. We have linked you in our website Stickies.
    Here is a useful hint for those cameras which are not able to do a good in-camera white balance in IR. Obtain a piece of white PTFE (Teflon) and make a raw photograph of it. Then use the photo to set and save a white balance preset in your favorite converter/editor by “white-clicking” on the PTFE in the raw photograph.
    Cheers – Andrea B. @

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