The Kolari Vision Pro UV Cut Protective Filter

Experience unrivaled protection and pristine clarity with our ultra-durable filter, engineered to redefine excellence in lens care.

Introducing our UV Cut filter, the epitome of lens protection. Crafted with advanced Corning Gorilla Glass technology, it stands as the most durable UV cut filter on the market, surpassing traditional options in strength and scratch resistance. Perfect for safeguarding your lens, it not only delivers superior UV-cutting capabilities for clearer images but also ensures unmatched durability, making it an essential accessory for every photographer.

Built with premium ultra-thin, ultra-strong Corning Gorilla Glass and fitted into a knurled brass ring, this filter is more than two times stronger than Schott B270 glass to direct impacts, and more resistant to scratches for better lens protection, all while also boasting a high internal transmission and lower refractive index than Schott B270 for sharper images. Ridiculously durable, our filter can survive 100ft+ drops onto pavement, while typical glass can break from handheld heights.

Optically engineered to be the incredibly transparent with over 99% transmission and low reflection while cutting UV at 415nm, a strong cutoff point designed for digital based on our analysis of hundreds of modern cameras.

We topped off the Kolari Pro UV Cut Filter with 36 layers of premium coatings to make the glass incredibly transparent and low reflection, while making the already durable glass water, oil, and scratch resistant.

The refractive index is dependent on the material, and is a measurement of the amount that that material will refract or “bend” light as it passes through. At 90 degrees or dead center of the filter the light does not deflect and continues straight, but as the angle of incidence towards the edge of the filter increases, it deflects light more and more causing a discrepancy across your frame, particularly with wide angle shooting. The higher the refractive index value, the more image quality can suffer.

Kolari Pro UV Cut Protective Filter

Group 3569
Premium Glass
Group 3569
Durable Brass Ring
Group 3569
36 Layers Of Multi-Coating
Group 3569
Lifetime Warranty

What is a UV cut filter?

Kolari Pro UV Cut Protective Filter

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Premium Coatings

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