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Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter for Nikon Z-Mount (Full Frame)




We’re excited to introduce our new Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters for Nikon Z-mount! Compatible with Nikon’s new mirrorless system, our Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filters can be used to add rear filtering to Nikon Z-mount full-frame cameras. They contain an anti-reflective, anti-smudge coating to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Filter Options:

  • 3, 6, & 10 Stop Pro ND
  • Mist Diffusion 1/4
  • Mist Diffusion 1/4 + 3 Stop ND
  • Mist Diffusion 1/4 + 6 Stop ND
  • Mist Diffusion 1/8
  • Mist Diffusion 1/8 + 3 Stop ND
  • Mist Diffusion 1/8 + 6 Stop ND
  • Iridium – Color Enhancing
  • Light Pollution
  • IR Chrome Lite
  • 590nm Infrared
  • 665nm Infrared
  • 720nm Infrared
  • 850nm Infrared
  • UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2
  • UV/IR Cut H-Alpha
  • Clear Quartz – Dust Protective Filter
  • HSK (IR Hotspot Killer) – Click here for more details


Nikon Z6*, Nikon Z7*, Nikon Z6 II, Nikon Z7 II, Nikon Z5*, Nikon Z9*

At this time, our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters for Nikon Z-mount are not compatible with the Nikon Z50 or Nikon Z-mount APS-C cameras.

Our infrared filters will require a full-spectrum modified camera to produce the proper effect. (590nm, 665nm, IR Chrome Lite, UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2)

720nm Infrared & 850nm Infrared will work on an unconverted camera only with long exposures and a tripod.

*Due to a weaker magnetic force within the Nikon Z6, Z7, Z5, & Z9, you will need to install the filter with the camera facing up. Once your lens is secured into the mount, the clip-in filter will stay in place and will not cause any issues. We do not recommend trying to flip the camera over if there is no lens installed as this will cause the filter to fall out.

Lifetime Guarantee

At Kolari, we build our filters to last and have complete confidence in their performance. You will too with our lifetime guarantee against defects. If you find something wrong with your filter, at any time, write us at contact@kolarivision.com. Visit our FAQ section for more information.

IR Filter Choices

 Direct from Camera, Custom White Balance
Channel SwappedBlack & WhiteDirect from Camera, Auto White Balance
590 Filter590 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance)590 SWB FC590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White)590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
665 Filter665 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance)665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped)665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White)665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
720 Filter720 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance)720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped)720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White)720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
850 Filter850 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance)N/A850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White)850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Blue IR
Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance)Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped)Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White)Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (custom white balance)Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped)Full Spectrum BWFull Spectrum Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)

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1 review for Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter for Nikon Z-Mount (Full Frame)

  1. Gary Danis

    After I saw a YouTube video on clip-in IR filters, I was excited that Kolari Vision was making them available to the Nikon Z (full frame) cameras and placed an order. I have had an opportunity to try them out and they are working well for me. They are easy to insert and remove as advertised and from what I can see so far, (it is winter here in Colorado) the color tone is consitent across the image.

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