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Kolari Atlas*

Filter System

Meet Atlas

The Kolari Atlas system is designed to revolutionize the way photographers and videographers create.
The lightest matte box system in the industry, this powerful magnetic system offers the speed and versatility you need to never miss the perfect moment.



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Not every production calls for the same setup. Create the perfect one for your next project with this fully customizable modular system.
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  • The industry’s lightest matte box system.
  • Minimum configuration weight: 179g
  • Kolari Atlas configuration shown: Adapter Ring, Base Plate, VND/CPL


Your speed can sometimes mean the difference between getting the perfect shot or missing it entirely. Don’t let your gear weigh you down.
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Magic of Magnets

The easiest lens filters you’ll ever use. Simply click to add, twist to remove.

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Magic of Magnets

The strong, calibrated magnets keep your filters in place when you need them most. Attach as many as you need with a quick click, and swap them at will with a simple twist.

The easiest lens filters you’ll ever use. Simply click to add, twist to remove.

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Unique Features

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Stack as many or as few filters as you need in any order.

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Weather-resistant and light-sealed

Take the Kolari Atlas with you on any project without worrying about environmental damage or light leaks.
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Four orientations

Filter tabs can be layered in any orientation (up, down, left, right) to make removal easier.


Filter Effects


Reduce the amount of light in your images with neutral density filters. Available in 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20-stops.

VND filters also available in 2-5 and 6-9 stops.


Reduce glare and reflections with the CPL filter.


Combines the most used filter into one. Reduce glare and reflections while controlling the light. Separate dials allow these effects to be adjusted independently.
Available in 2-5 and 6-9 stops.

Mist Diffusion

Smooth highlights and soften digital sharpness for a cinematic look with mist diffusion options.


Turn light sources into anamorphic-like flares for a stylized streak look.


Take your creativity to another dimension with infrared filters. Available in 550nm, 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, Blue IR, Hot Mirror.

*For use with full spectrum or infrared converted cameras.


Click one of the questions to expand an answer:

If a lens has filter threads, it will work with the Kolari Atlas.

The Kolari Atlas is compatible with all camera brands. As long as you have a lens with filter threads, you can use this system on any camera.
Technically, yes. The Kolari Atlas can be combined with a rear filtration system. It is designed to be a complete solution to all your front-end filtering needs.
Nope! A lot of other filter systems require filters to be used in a certain order to optimize their effect, but not with the Kolari Atlas. Each filter is designed to work independently of any others in the stack. The use of magnets instead of filter threads allow for infinite combinations in any order. Additionally, any filters with rotating elements can be placed anywhere in the stack and be adjusted without affecting any others.
Specifically designed to meet the needs of professional filmmakers, videographers, and photographers, this feature-packed solution provides the tools needed to create stunning visuals and captivating stories.
Hobbyists and enthusiasts of any level can benefit from this innovative systems as well.
No. Kolari Atlas filters do not have filter threads, so traditional lens hoods and cap will not be compatible with this system. However, the one-size magnetic filters remove the need for lens-specific hoods and caps. This system is compatible with a Kolari Atlas lens shade, matte box, or cover plate.
The Kolari Atlas is backed by our 2 year warranty.

*Kolari Vision patent pending

Provision patent number 63/325,704

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