Canon EOS R100 Teardown

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Canon EOS R100 Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias The Canon EOS R100 fills the role of a budget RF-mount camera, coming in at $480 MSRP. The camera comes in a much smaller package—almost to the point where it could be considered a toy—but it has many features found in Canon’s upper-tier cameras. Let’s see how […]

Canon EOS R50 Teardown

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Canon EOS R50 Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias The Canon EOS R50 is an entry-level yet high-quality mirrorless camera that’s perfect for vloggers, travelers, and content creators with its compact frame. The Canon EOS R50 was released in February 2023 alongside the Canon EOS R8. While the R50 comes as a more budget option than […]

Canon EOS R8 Teardown


Canon EOS R8 Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias Canon released the Canon EOS R8 in April 2023. The R8 is remarkably similar to the Canon EOS RP and EOS R. However, the power switch is now positioned on the right side of the camera, allowing for easy one-handed operation. Before getting into our teardown, let’s […]

Canon R5C Teardown


Canon R5C Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias Canon announced the Canon EOS R5C a little less than a year ago (March 2022), and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on one for a teardown here at Kolari. How different (or similar) is this camera compared to its predecessor, the Canon EOS R5 (released […]

Canon R10 Teardown

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Canon EOS R10 Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias Canon continues their legacy by adding more improvements to their camera lineup. They’ve recently introduced the Canon EOS R10, a high-quality APS-C camera marketed as an entry-level model for photographers. The R10, however, is not a cheap run-of-the-mill camera. Before going into the teardown, let’s talk about […]

Canon R6 MK II Disassembly and Teardown

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Canon R6 MK II Disassembly & Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias Since the release of the original Canon EOS R6, Canon has decided to roll out a new version of the high-end professional digital camera: the Canon EOS R6 MK II. You might wonder, “Why didn’t they just make a new camera?” While there are […]

Canon EOS R7 Disassembly And Teardown

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Canon EOS R7 Disassembly & Teardown By Mike Nazareth Canon pushes for the APS-C market by with the new Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10. It’s no surprise that camera giant Canon is continuing with the massively popular mirrorless camera trend. This time around, they’ve decided to shake things up by introducing mirrorless to the […]

The Canon EOS R6 Disassembly and Teardown

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Here at Kolari Vision, we love tearing into the newest camera gears to learn how they work and if they can be modded for infrared photography, full spectrum photography, or other things. We’ve been really excited about the R5/R6 release, and had plans to add some cooling mods and overhaul it into a proper video […]


RP 01900

I’d think most people were pleasantly surprised with the release of the EOS RP. Full-frame mirrorless cameras were getting increasingly sophisticated, which is a good thing, but they were getting increasingly expensive along the way. After all, it’s the enthusiast and pro-sumer crowd that wants mirrorless cameras more than anyone else. Top tier professional photographers […]

The Unbiased Canon EOS R Disassembly and Teardown

EOS R 01139

The Canon EOS R was cause for some internal controversy here at Kolari Vision. After all, we’re in the middle of The Great Mirrorless Camera War. Tensions are bound to rise, turning brother against brother, camera tech against camera tech, and photographer against photographer. Despite this, I will do my best to describe the form factor and […]

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