Different Types of Photography

The world of photography is as vast as the sea, and there are just as many creative paths one can take within the photography industry.

Seeing the Infrared Light

Although our eyes only see visible light, here are some observations and an approach to learning how to “see” infrared light.

Hot Mirror Clip-in Options

An overview and comparison of the different hot mirror filter options available for our clip-in filter systems.

What is the Iridium Filter?

Inspired by color-enhancing sunglasses designed for color blind people, Kolari made the Iridium filter with similar science in mind.

2nd Annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest Winners

Thank You, everyone! Despite all the setbacks we’ve weathered as a community through 2020, the 2nd annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest turned out to be huge success! We want to thank everyone who participated and took the time to send us their work. We received thousands of submissions, and the US-based and international […]

Infrared Photography Feature: Sakchai Lokanuvat in the Desert

This week we asked a long time member of the Infrared IG community about his iconic and colorful infrared shots of the desert and where they all come from. His name is Sakchai Lokanuvat, though you may know him as @cuttlepup! “I like how I can never be certain that what I see when I […]

Infrared Photography Feature: Paul Logan-Stevens with the Kolari Pocket

This week we recognized Paul Logan-Stevens as one of the best Kolari Pocket shooters out there and asked him what he enjoys the most about shooting infrared and full-spectrum photography. “I have always loved photography, ever since I was given my first camera at age 12. I constantly strive to show different points of view […]