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Autofocus calibrated to work with all lenses
List of models we convert:

Micro Four-Thirds: G1, G10, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7, G9, GH1, GH2, GH3*, GH4*, GH5*, GH5s, GF1, GF2, GF3, GF5, GF6, GX1, GX7*, GX8*, GX85*, GX9*, G90, G95, GM1*, Fz2000

Full-Frame: S1, S1R, S1H

NOTE: Dust systems are disabled after conversion, EXCEPT in the G1.

*These cameras have an internal IR shutter diagnostic LED that can  cause light leaks when using very long exposures and high ISOs in the H-alpha and IR enabled conversions, in the range of 30 second exposures at 6,400 ISO. Can be worked around in most cases by using the camera in silent mode.

This conversion service replaces the cameras internal hot mirror filter with our high quality custom manufactured glass replacement infrared or clear filter. The autofocus systems are calibrated to work universally with all lenses. We do not attach our filters with double sided tape like a competitor does, we use a permanent mechanical fixation that is fully sealed from dust. Don’t risk your filter falling out.

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Transmission Curves (Industry Standard Uncoated Glass and AR coated filters)

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8 reviews for Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless Infrared Conversion Service

  1. Noel Canning

    Great little Panasonic LUMIX. I am an older person who once used Kodak IR film.
    Refrigeration, test exposures, ultra sensitive development techniques are ALL GONE.
    Better than expected results from day one

  2. Allen Forrest

    My first experience with an infrared-converted camera turned out to be a disappointment. After a little research, I had ended up sending a camera to a large, national camera-repair company that had come highly recommended. As I later learned, the camera-model I chose for conversion wasn’t the best choice for infrared. I later learned that their conversion-work was pretty shoddy. To make a long story shorter, after almost giving up on infrared photography, I ran into the Kolari Vision website. That site prompted me to contact Ilija. He was extremely patient in answering my many questions, and offering me great advice. After a great number of exchanged emails, I obtained a converted camera from him. Several months later, I sent Kolari Vision a second camera for conversion. I am extremely satisfied with both of his conversions, and particularly happy with all of the advice and “hand-holding” provided by Ilija. I highly recommend Ilija and his firm!

  3. Brad Miller

    I have done business as a professional photographer for over 40 years. I’ve been published in just about all major magazines around the world for my car work, mainly Mercedes Benz. I have bought a camera from Kolari Vision that was converted to 720 nm. It is a Lumix G10. The conversion was first rate and the process is like magic! You look in live view and see what you’re getting real time! The shots that come out of this camera are outstanding! I bought a 850nm filter for just Black and White infrared work but the 720 is a great choice for someone who wants the option of some color. I had many questions and the quick response from these people is First Class. They walked me through any questions I had in a prompt and easy to understand way.

    I have since updated to the Lumix GX 1 and just beginning the tests. If you are thinking of having your camera converted to Infrared or buy one already converted, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kolari Vision to anyone who wants to explore the amazing world of Infrared!

  4. Paul Baxter

    I sent my Lumix G5 in to Kolarivision for 590nm conversion. I receieved the camera back in less than 10 days. I have been very pleased with the results! Focus with my 9-18mm Olympus lens is excellent, and manual focus with my 7.5mm Rokinon is easy. Images exhibit good sharpness. I had Canon 40D previously that was converted by a competitor at a much higher cost, and the Kolarivision conversion is every bit as good if not better. Kolarivision will definitely be my choice for any future conversions.

  5. Jerry Turney

    My Lumix G5 was here when I got back from vacation and I could not be more pleased! It is great to meet someone like you with your obvious dedication to customer service. I appreciate the communications we had when you could not complete the conversion in the time frame I needed! (This was my fault, not yours. I sent it to you too close to my vacation departure date). It is obvious to me that you kept your word and expedited the conversion so that I had it when I got home, a very generous thing to do!

    The camera is everything I had hoped it would be and the White Balance was perfectly set when I got it, thanks for this touch also. I have already show my pictures to several friends and loaned them the camera for a day. I also told them to make sure to contact you if they wanted the conversion done right at a very fair cost. I am now starting to think that my spare Lumix GX1 would be great in one of your other colored filters. I am actually starting to research my choices so you may hear from me again soon!

  6. Fred Burton

    I have a converted Lumix g6 and have used 25 mm 1.7 pancake and 14-42 zoom with no issues. Am going out tomorrow to try 14-140 mm 3.5-5.6 zoom to see if it works naked as well as with a Polaroid cheap macro converter. Will let you know. Absolutely love the IR results so far.

  7. Michael Yurgeles

    My new camera was delivered on time-in fact a day earlier than expected. Beautifully packaged and working fine! The infrared images produced by this modified Lumix are better than I ever achieved with film cameras.

  8. Sylvia Anchia

    I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the infrared converted Lumix camera I recently ordered from Kolari. Customer service was efficient and quick. Very pleased.

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