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Free Domestic Shipping, quality glass filters

Included autofocus calibration.

Mirrorless conversions are calibrated to focus accurately with all lenses.
List of models we convert:

APS-C Format:
A100, A200, A230, A290, A300, A330, A350, A380, A390, A450, A500, A550, A560, A580, A700

Mirrorless: NEX-3*, NEX-5*, NEX-C3*, NEX-3N*, NEX-5N*, NEX-5T*, NEX-5R*, NEX-F3*, NEX-6*, NEX-7*, A3000*, A5000*, A5100*, A6000*, A6100*, A6300*, A6400*, A6500*, A6600*

SLT**: A33, A37, A55, A57, A58, A65, A68, A77, A77 II

RX100, RX100 II, RX100 III, RX100 IV, RX100 V

RX10, RX10 II, RX10 III, RX10 IV

Full Frame: RX1, RX1R, RX1R II,  A99, A99 II, A7*, A7R*, A7S*, A7C, A7 II†, A7R II†, A7S II†, A7R III†, A7S III, A9†, A7 III, A7 IV†, A7R IV, A9 II, UMC-S3CA, A1

NOTE: Dust reduction systems are NOT disabled after conversion and still function in most models except the ones with a *.

* Dust reduction is disabled in these models.

**Read about the Translucent mirror technology and how it works in infrared here.

 These cameras contain an internal diagnostic IR Led. This can cause light leaks when using very long exposures and high ISOs in the H-alpha and IR enabled conversions, in the range of 30 second exposures at 6,400 ISO. The A7RII additionally can have fine horizontal artifacts across the frame in highlighted areas in the IR enabled conversions due to the different sensitivity of some rows of pixels.

Some Sony DSLRs with live view use a second sensor, which still works with visible light after a conversion and does not offer an advantage over the optical view finder for infrared. This is not an issue with Sony Mirrorless or Translucent mirror cameras.

This conversion service replaces the cameras internal hot mirror filter with our high quality custom manufactured glass replacement infrared or clear filter. The autofocus systems are calibrated to the 18-55mm kit lens. This calibration results in general focus accuracy for most lenses from 18-300mm. You can also send your own lens to be calibrated to instead at no additional charge. Note, wide angle lenses need a different focus calibration.

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Transmission Curves (Industry Standard Uncoated Glass and AR coated filters)

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8 reviews for Sony DSLR, SLT, and Mirrorless Infrared Conversion Service

  1. Stefan G.

    I first bought an IR converted camera from Kolari Vision few years ago from eBay.

    The camera worked perfectly and I was very satisfied. The owner was very responsive answering all my questions, which helped me a lot in my choice.

    Since then I have had several conversions with Kolari Vision and every time I receive a wonderful customer support. The guys are very well informed and know what they are doing – I think that’s called “EXPERTS”. I now contact them directly through their new web site, founding my overall experience with Kolari Vision to be one of the best possible.

    I highly recommend them for all types of camera conversions – IR, UV, Full spectrum, etc.

    You won’t be sorry!

  2. Colin Hall

    I have bought two cameras from Kolari Vision and am MORE than satisfied with them.Am now venturing on buying a third camera – not the run of the mill Compact System Camera but a Samsung NX series and am POSITIVE the same professional results will be done.

    This is not the REAL BEAUTY of dealing with Kolari Vision – it is the truly PERSONAL service that Ilija extends to all customers. One of the main pains in IR photography is the TIME CONSUMING Post Processing in Photoshop or some other program and Ilija makes a breeze with his Photoshop Actions for different IR Filters and Tutorials – a real blessing in disguise.

    Hope this conveys the pleasure I have with Ilija and Kolari Vision.

  3. peter wallach (verified owner)

    I am an avid photographer and have many cameras in formats that range from 35mm all the way up to 8×10, and I still shoot film, then scan at high resolutions. The main problem with having so many cameras is always which one to take. Now that I have converted my digital Sony Mirrorless camera to Infrared, i will always be taking it as part of my “Kit”. In a world of I phone pictures and more pictures being taken than any other time in history, it is great to know that Kolari Vision offers this unique Infrared conversion service. I endorse this company 100%, the quality is exceptional and my camera came back looking better than when i sent it. Infrared may not be for everyone, but if you wish to delve into this imaginative world then Kolari Vision is the best place to have your camera converted. Give them a try .

  4. Denis Vokic

    Kolari Vision gave me great advice and perfectly neat conversion. Fantastic result. Package for shipping was also professional. Kolari Vision converted camera is the fifth IRR camera that I bought in the last 25 years. With my new IRR camera I can not be more satisfied than I am. Thanks Kolari

  5. Denchamber (verified owner)

    I’m using a Sony a6300 for IR shooting and, with my Kolari conversion it’s just the right setup. I did a 590 conversion and purchased an 850 filter so I’m using the 590 mostly for color and the 850 mostly for black and white. The conversion was done very promptly and is working perfectly. I couldn’t be more happy.

  6. terence mckenna (verified owner)

    I had a 7 year old Sony NEX 7 that I rarely use now (I have 4 Sony Mirrorless that are much newer) so I decided to try this. Kolari answered my questions and delivered a conversion that does just what I wanted. And unlike purchasing a conversion of a camera that I do not know well, I am fully versed on the NEX 7’s features and have lenses that I can use for various purposes. Infrared in a bit of a trick, but it add spice to your photo portfolio.

  7. Dean Von Pusch

    I’m very happy with my A7 590nm conversion. Shipping with there box was easy and gave me a piece of mind that it was in good hands. I called them several times asking questions and the were always very helpful. After 35 years of photography, I haven’t had this much fun with a camera in a long time. Highly recommend Kolari vision and inferred photography.

  8. Thomas Streiff

    I was looking for an infrared camera because I’ve seen others’ work and it really interests me. I love the different world view of infrared, especially the white whites of foliage and the dark blacks of skies and waters. So I researched and decided on Kolari Vision as they seemed to have the best reviews and services according to other photographers I have chatted with and seen posts online. The information I received was spot on!

    The camera I wanted was on sale on their site. So instead of sending them an old one I decided to go new (Sony A7RII). Well as the planets aligned perfectly within a day or two of ordering (and my luck kicked in), that camera was declared discontinued by Sony. That, combined with the supply chain issues globally and nationally, put a damper in my plans without going into boring details. I found a Excellent condition Sony A7RIII at the site KEH which sells used equipment. I sourced this camera and had it sent to Kolari Vision. All this time I was in contact with Kolari Vision support, whom is very responsive to any emails and inquiries (normally same day, multiple times). They also have a phone number which I didn’t bother with. Anyways, they worked with me and accepted the camera with no issue.

    After they received the camera, they performed their conversion. I don’t know all what’s entailed except it is a complicated process of replacing a filter(s) over your camera’s sensor, and involves a lot of tiny parts and electronics. You can look up the process on Youtube if you’re inclined. Not wanting to fudge something like this up, I contracted it to Kolari Vision. After weeks of waiting for the original camera order to show up, the process of sending them a camera and having it converted was quick. Lightning quick. I had this process completed within a week. I should of done that sooner, no fault of Kolari Vision not being able to get a discontinued camera quickly. The conversion was worth every penny. The Sony A&RIII camera works as advertised and looks flawless as it should. I can’t tell any work was completed on it. Of course I know it was, due to the infrared use case and testing of their work. I had a 850nm conversion completed, as well as another filter added that helps limit the hotspot that one can get on certain lenses and in certain conditions using infrared technology (physics is hard to beat!). this allows my camera to take strictly Black-and-White photos that are surreal in nature. So far I love my conversion and I would not hesitate to use Kolari Vision again!

    TLDR; In short, Kolari Vision is a world renowned conversion service and infrared / UV filter source to help you modify your camera or to perform the conversion for you. This allows certain wavelengths into your sensor to gather colors and waveforms that your eye, and your sensor, don’t normally see. This can be from different vibrant colors to Black and White surreal images. I would visit to learn about this and other topics of interest in detail to find out more. I have found Kolari Vision to be very responsive and receptive to all my inquiries and requests. Their conversion service is top-notch and also top-tech. I would not hesitate to use them in the future and I am sure I will have other conversions completed as my experience and interest in this field grows. They should be your number one stop if you wish to pursue this area at all. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed. FIVE STARS!

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