DIY Canon R5 Heatsink Overheating Kit


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DIY Canon R5 Heatsink Overheat Kit

When the Canon EOS R5 was released, we learned that it overheats quickly
in 8K shooting and in some 4K modes. Initially, this was handled through a timer chip in the camera independent of the actual temperature.  After public backlash, Canon quickly released a new firmware that patched the timer issue and started actually using the camera temperature data instead, but even with this upgrade the performance boost was minor.

In several thermal analyses of the camera, the processor on the motherboard seemed to generate most of the heat. In the stock design, Canon places two thermal pads partially over the processor and pumps the
heat into a small heatsink. That heatsink however sits under another board and does not vent heat anywhere further. 

To remedy this problem, we took an R5 apart and designed a new heatsink to vent the heat from the processor to the camera case where it could dissipate faster. We tested aluminum initially, but eventually settled on a thick copper heatsink to transfer heat more efficiently.

This design draws heat out of the processor and brings it around the motherboard and out to the rear case where it transfers heat through a high-efficiency thermal pad. 

We released this service to the public a few months ago with much success but many prospective customers have still been hesitant to ship their coveted camera across the world for our service. We’ve received countless emails and requests to release offer our custom copper heatsink in the form of a DIY kit and now the wait is finally over! Our DIY Canon R5 Heatsink Overheating Kit is now available for order and ready to ship!


What’s in the box:

Kolari R5 Copper Heatsink

Kolari KP135 High Conductivity Thermal Paste

Custom Cut Thermal Pads

Grounding Strap

1.5 x Screwdriver



While we have seen these improvements with most camera setups, we have noticed that this modification’s performance can be negatively impacted by certain external devices and CF Express memory cards. Our tests were conducted and our results recorded using Sony Tough CF Express cards, unfortunately, we have found that ProGrade CF Express cards can cause greatly decreased heat dissipation performance. We have not tested other cards yet but be cautious if using card brands other than Sony. Additionally, while we have tested a number of camera setups we have found some variation in the performance based on the use of certain external devices and other parameters.

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Disclaimer (Please Read)

Disassembling your camera and installing our heatsink will completely void your Canon warranty.

Additionally, disassembling your camera can result in a broken camera, injury, or death from electrocution due to the high voltage flash capacitor.

We will not be held liable for any damages regarding the installation of our heatsink. Please do not attempt this project if you are not experienced with this type of work. Instead, we recommend placing an order for our Canon R5 Heatsink Overheating Mod Service.

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