Kolari Pocket Full-Spectrum Converted Point and Shoot Camera with Infrared Filter Starter Kit

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These Full-Spectrum modified Canon cameras are refurbished and in mint condition with original and Kolari IR accessories.

The Kolari Pocket is a modified Canon ELPH 180 point and shoot camera. It features live view, an indispensable feature for focusing and composing directly in infrared. It’s durable ultra-compact frame, 8x zoom lens, simple controls, and powerful 20-megapixel sensor makes this camera the perfect infrared camera for beginners, casual shooters, and all those looking for a way to add infrared to their camera bag at a low cost. This package comes with a 37mm filter adapter ring permanently attached to the front of the lens and three 37mm filters: the 590nm, 720nm, and Hot-Mirror filter all in 37mm!

(Add a 37mm IR Chrome Lens Filter for only 39.99!)

This camera has the option to ship with a CHDK programmed UHS Transcend, Sony, or Sandisk SD Card. This enables the ELPH 180 to shoot RAW among many other special functions. Read more about CHDK here.

Cameras are made to order, allow up to a week for order shipment.


Package contents include:

  • Canon ELPH 180 Digital Camera (converted to full-spectrum)
  • 590nm IR Filter
  • 720nm IR Filter
  • UV/IR Cut Color Correcting Hot Mirror Filter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Wriststrap
  • Camera Starting Guide

3 reviews for Kolari Pocket Full-Spectrum Converted Point and Shoot Camera with Infrared Filter Starter Kit

  1. Valerie L Ewing

    I purchased this little camera to see if I really would like to try and have my mirrorless camera converted. I did find out that the best ISO to shoot with this camera is 100. Anything above that and the photo is noisy. That said, I’ve taken some incredible shots with it. The camera has a hack in it to shoot DNG files, I discovered that by accident. I have found it easier to shoot jpeg [naughty me!] and get some fantastic results as I don’t own Adobe Lightroom. However I found good work arounds with ON1. In the DNG mode there seems to be quite a bit of lens distortion and dark edges.

    This little camera goes with me everywhere now on any bright day and some very gloomy ones. I absolutely love the 665nm filter, but will experiment with the 850nm more. I purchased this in March and have taken about 200 shots so far.
    I strongly suggest looking up tutorials and articles.

    The only thing I would like to see is some sort of container to carry these little filters in. I don’t like carrying them loose and unprotected so I normally take one filter and leave the rest safely tucked in the box with foam that they came in.

  2. Art Morales (verified owner)

    I’m a hobby & semi- professional photographer. I’m retired & have always had an interest in IR photography. I’m not all that computer literate. I purchased the already converted Canon ELPH 180. I also purchased the CHDK SD card. Long story short I had difficulties with the CHDK installation. I emailed, received great response. I then called I spoke with William. What a patient understanding & informative guy. His patience & understanding got me through the installation without a hitch. It’s Great to deal with a company that has great representatives. Thank You!

  3. Martin Stingelin (verified owner)

    Great little camera with just the right filters. So I’m always ready for IR shots, even if I don’t have my usual equipment with me. Kolari is always my first address when it comes to infrared.

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