Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Photographers in 2022

December 19, 2022
Not sure what to get a photographer for Christmas? We’ve got you covered.

The holidays are upon us, and the gift-shopping season is in full swing. We all have at least one person on our list that is nearly impossible to shop for. If that person for you is a photographer, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our top ten Christmas gifts for photographers in 2022.

What makes a good Christmas gift for photographers?

Buying a gift for a photographer can be as simple as getting them something they need, but if you’re not a photographer yourself, it might not be so easy to know what that is. Ultimately, the best Christmas gifts for photographers are the ones that will be useful to them in growing their career or bolstering their hobby. This could be new gear, accessories, or tools that help them streamline their process or enhance the work they produce.

How do you choose a gift for the photographer in your life?

Aside from asking them outright what they want and ruining the surprise, there are a few things you can note to find the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. First, notice if they have mentioned anything they need in passing. If not, you’ll probably have to do a little more digging to find a great gift.

What is their level of involvement in photography? Are they a professional or just a hobbyist? A professional is likely to have basic lens filters like a UV Cut and an ND filter, so they may appreciate an easier, more innovative filtering system. In contrast, a hobbyist might have little more than a camera body and one lens, so they may benefit from these more basic lens filters.

To nail this holiday season, it can be helpful to know the gear they already use. . If you can sneak a peak at their equipment without them noticing, take note of the camera model they use (i.e., Canon R5, Sony A7R IV, Nikon Z7, etc.) and look for the filter thread size for their primary lens. You can usually find the camera model on the front of the camera body, and the filter thread size is denoted on the lens by a circle with a line through it. The number next to this symbol is the size you should look for when buying lens filters. If all else fails, you can always take an interest in their work and ask them to tell you about their gear!

Now that you know how to choose the best gift let’s dive into our top ten Christmas gift ideas for photographers.

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Our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

1. Kolari Pro UV Cut Protective Lens Filters

Great for every photographer, our Kolari Pro UV Cut Protective Filter is a fool-proof gift for your photographer friend or family member. Built with ultra-strong Gorilla Glass, this filter is virtually indestructible. No matter what elements they may be up against on a shoot, this filter will protect their lens from dirt, dust, scratches, and any other potential surface damage. If their camera gets knocked around or takes an accidental tumble, you can be sure they’ll be thanking you profusely for gifting them the thing that saves their precious gear.

77UVCutPro white background product shot77UVCutPro white background product shot
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2. Lens Caps

While you’re at it, why not pick up a lens cap or two? While the UV Cut Protective Filter will protect their lens while in the field shooting, a lens cap keeps everything protected when not in use. Lens caps can easily be lost, so you can’t go wrong with giving them a couple of backups for when their originals inevitably disappear into the abyss.

Kolari Pro filter set of 6 lifestyle outdoor 221028Kolari Pro filter set of 6 lifestyle outdoor 221028
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3. Kolari Pro Creator Filter Set

If you want to go above and beyond for your photographer, our Kolari Pro Creator 6-Filter Set is the move. This filter set is perfect for advanced hobbyists or intermediate professionals, as it comes with all the basic filters every photographer needs. In this set, they will receive our 5-stop ND, both of our VNDs (2-5 stops and 6-9 stops), our CPL, Dark CPL, and our UV Cut Protective filters. With this set, you can give them all the filters they need to elevate their photography right away.

4. Kolari 6-Slot Folding Filter Pouch

Photographers are often known for having lots of gear. Add our high-quality yet inexpensive folding filter pouch to your gift to store all their new filters. This pouch is well-insulated and compact and safely stores up to six filters. Available in three sizes to accommodate different filter sizes, we’ve got just what you need to carry, transport, and store multiple filters in one easy-to-manage pouch.

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5. Clip-in Filters

By now, you might be thinking that lens filters are big and bulky, especially if your photographer has many lenses with different filter thread sizes. That’s a lot of money and space to relinquish to multiple sizes of the same filter just to accommodate all the different lenses, right? Well, that’s precisely why our Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters are one of our most popular products!

Remember when you were doing your research and found out the camera model your photographer uses? This is where that information will come in handy. If this seems like the perfect gift, head to this page to see if their camera is compatible with our clip-in filters!

Many photographers love these filters because of their simplicity and ease of use. This one-size-fits-all solution to multiple lenses can eliminate the need for dozens of lens filters in various sizes, allowing photographers to downsize their equipment without sacrificing quality.

6. Kolari Gift Card

None of the items on this list seem appealing to you? Or maybe you’re still completely lost on what to get? Not to worry. When in doubt, get them a gift card! It’s a well-known fact throughout any industry during the holidays that you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Buy a Kolari gift card and let your photographer choose what they want.

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7. Kolari Pro Camera Strap

Our Kolari Professional Camera Strap is a great gift to give a professional photographer. Some professional photographers have extra heavy camera gear, and standard straps can be uncomfortable or even painful. Ours is designed specifically to comfortably bear the heavy weight of high-level professional cameras and lenses without digging into the neck or shoulders.

8. Drone Filters

For more specific gifts, you can get something tailored specifically to their equipment. If your photographer has a drone, surprise them with one of our drone filter sets! If they have a DJI Air 2S or Mini 3 Pro, we’ve got ND filter sets to take their drone photos and videos to the next level.

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9. Kolari Drop-in Adapter & Filter Sets

If they have a Canon R series camera, they will love our Kolari EF-EOS R Drop-in Filter Adapter and Drop-in Filters. Similar to our clip-ins, this allows photographers to minimize their gear by putting filters behind the lens, but our drop-ins are only compatible with Canon R cameras. This adapter and filter system also allows photographers to use older Canon lenses on their newer camera bodies.

10. Kolari Drop-in Filter Rack

To make the Drop-in Adapter and Drop-in Filter Set even better, add on one of our Kolari Drop-in Filter Racks! These racks come in various sizes and can store up to twelve drop-in filters. This is the perfect way to safely store and display our collection of drop-in filters for easy access.

Photographers certainly aren’t the easiest to shop for (maybe even more challenging than shopping for your dad), but this list should give you a good idea of some of the best gifts for photographers this holiday season. Most of these items are on sale now; grab your gifts while supplies last!

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