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As this IR photo season draws to a close...

... we're seeing it out with the conclusion of another incredible showing for the Life in Another Light photo contest. But, its not over yet! The submission deadline is November 1st at 11:59 PM EST.
We're also launching tons of new products, doing some informative overviews of older ones, leading community research into new cameras, and sharing editing techniques to help overcome common IR photography hurdles. Fall and Winter here at Kolari will be filled with all the tools, techniques, and inspiration you need to continue your Infrared Photography Journey into 2021!

Kolari Digest

Life in Another Light 2020 contest closing soon!

We've had an outstanding showing thus far, but contestants still have until the 1st of November to submit their work and steal the invisible (or visible) spotlight!

Kolari Digest

Put Kolari Glass BEHIND your lens.

We've launched our industry leading filters in the Canon EOS R Drop-in form factor. Click the link to see our full range of offerings and order yours now in available types and IR wavelengths.

Kolari Digest

EOS R Sensor Clip-in Filter

We thought it would be even better to use up to two different filters without threading anything over your lens! Direct sensor clip-in filters are now in development at Kolari and available for Pre-Order, designed to be combined with our new Drop-in glass for the most modular multispectral filtration system possible! Follow the link to browse available glass types and place your pre-order.

Kolari Digest

KV-FL1 IR/UV Flash Full Review

Pierre-Louis Ferrer demonstrates the full capabilities of our KV-FL1 multispectral flash and compares it to some of the competition, showing us what is truly unique about this piece of IR/UV lighting equipment.

Todd Dominey reviews the Kolari Pro ND.
How does it compare to the competition?

Canon R6

Getting into the Canon R6

Everyone is talking about the new Canon R mirrorless cameras. What's wrong with them, what's right when them...
Let's just open one up and see what's going on for ourselves!


Canon EOS R6 Overheating/Timer Chip

Community research is often one of the best ways to develop an accurate picture behind the controversy at hand. If you've heard about Canon overheating issues, you may want to read this one!

Kolari Digest

Is your UV Pass filter really creating UV images?

We found some significant issues with a long time seller for forensics IR and UV imaging equipment. In this article we address the problems and provide needed solutions for very consequential work.

Sensor Lines

How to REMOVE IR Phase Detection Sensor Lines.

Bob Wheaton guides us through a short and sweet software tutorial on how to cure one of the more pervasive issues with Infrared photography and modern mirorrless cameras.


Our Leica M9 Repair service

The Leica M9 is a crowd favorite that has been around for some time. But, years of use have revealed a startling issue with this model: sensor glass corrosion. Luckily, Kolari has the fix. Follow the link to learn more about our M9 repair serivce!

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