Life in Another Light Infrared Photography Contest 2020

Here at Kolari Vision, we're proud to announce the 2nd Annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest aimed at exploring how looking at our lives in a different perspective or light can expand our imagination and creative potential. We want to show the world the best shots and stories from the infrared community so we have a few dedicated infrared categories, but we're also featuring an Aerial Category, a B+W Category, and a Long Exposure Category which showcase a different perspective than we normally see which is open to regular photography as well as IR.

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About the contest

What changes when we switch to infrared, and which things remain constant? What beauty lies in the light that our eyes can’t see? What do new perspectives show us about our world that only photography can capture? We want to see what the best of infrared and regular photography can show us. Winners will be chosen across 10 categories and include $40,000 in prizes! There are 4 dedicated IR categories, 1 dedicated visible light category, and 5 categories that are open to all photography! Click here to see last year’s winners!

Submissions open now!


photography contest

Photo Essay – IR
Photo by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Photo Essay – Color
Photo by Anas Kamal

photography contest

Landscape – IR
Photo by David Hall


Landscape – Color
Photo by Scott Norris

photography contest

Photo by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Black and White
Photo by Beamie Young

photography contest

Photo by Paolo Pettigiani

photography contest

Kolari Pocket
Photo by Kolari Vision

photography contest

Long Exposure
Photo by Youngkun Park

photography contest

IR Chrome
Photo by Yann Philippe


Each category offers its own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes! All category winners will earn their choice of a free camera conversion (valued up to $1,150), 2 Pro IRND Filters, or a Kolari Pocket w/ 3-filter starter kit.



First-Place Prizes:

One free camera conversion, 2 Pro IRND Filters or a Kolari Pocket w/ 3-filter starter kit + a $200 Kolari Vision Gift Card



Second-Place Prizes:

One free camera conversion, 2 Pro IRND Filters or a Kolari Pocket w/ 3-filter set + and a $100 Kolari Vision Gift Card



Third-Place Prizes:

One free camera conversion, 2 Pro IRND Filters or a Kolari Pocket w/ 3-filter set + a $50 Kolari Vision Gift Card

Honorary mentions

4 Honorary Mentions will be awarded for each category! Photographers who are mentioned will receive a $50 Kolari Vision gift card.

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