Nikon Z8 Teardown


Nikon Z8 Teardown By Phillip Andrew Iglesias The Nikon Z8 is a mirrorless camera released on May 25th, 2023 that reduces the size and weight of its predecessors without compromising on image quality and power. The Nikon Z8 was announced on May 10th, 2023, and released later in the month as a professional mirrorless camera. […]

Nikon Z9 Disassembly And Teardown

007 Large

Nikon Z9 Disassembly & Teardown By Alex Mirchuk We’ve got some big news: The Nikon Z9 is here and ready to take on the Sony A1 and Canon R3 for the title of ‘Mirrorless Flagship.’  We can argue all day about which camera is the best, but there’s no question that this one is the […]

Nikon Z7 II Disassembly And Teardown

Z7II 007 copy Custom

Nikon Z7 II Disassembly & Teardown By Alex Mirchuk The Z7II is the latest version of Nikon’s premier mirrorless camera. Nikon had been lagging a bit behind Sony and Canon in the full-frame mirrorless game for a while. After all, they didn’t release their first mirrorless camera until 2018, and some have said that things […]

The Nikon Z6 Disassembly and Teardown

Z6Teardown 35

Nearly two months ago, we dove into the Nikon Z7 and showed you what was happing inside all the way down to the sensor. Today, we did the same with the Z7’s standard resolution counterpart, the Nikon Z6. At 25 megapixels and just under $2000 MSRP, the Z6 is encroaching on the Sony A7 III’s […]

Nikon Z7 Disassembly and Teardown

20181003 DSC00822

Our brand new Nikon Z7 full frame mirrorless camera arrived at the office this week, and we immediately got down to business. Four years ago, Sony fired the first shot of this battle with the A7 and continued to release one iteration after another, each improving on the last, and did so completely unanswered by […]

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