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Kolari Vision UV Photography Filter, Ultraviolet Bandpass Transmission Lens Filter

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We are happy to announce that we have finally developed our own photography grade UV transmitting bandpass filter! This filter pairs with a full spectrum converted camera for true UV photography. Read our UV photography articles for lens considerations and general advice for shooting UV successfully.

Great for photography, skin damage analysis, forensic analysis, astrophotography, and other uses.

Unlike other UV filters on the market which are interference coating based, we have developed our filters using absorption based glass. The efficacy of interference coatings depends on the angle of incidence, meaning that transmission characteristics change depending on the angle of the light rays. This may be fine for use with a telescope, where there incoming light is very parallel, but for general photography this causes problems with inconsistent color across the frame. Those familiar with our hot-mirror’s may recall the issues with earlier interference based hot-mirrors.

Our filter has a 50% transmission peak at 365nm, and >25% transmission between 340-380 for high total light transmission. Average out of band rejection is >OD 4.3 (0.005%), with a minimum rejection of>3.5OD (0.025%), meaning there is a high signal to noise ratio and no IR contamination.

Our UV filter is coated for durability. Uncoated UV glass is sensitive to oxidation when exposed to humidity, ruining the filter.


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