Kolari 40.5mm Lens Filter Adapter

Thread Size


This is a standalone 40.5mm Lens filter adapter that uses an adhesive bond to semi-permanently affix to the front of a lens in order to add lens threading. Attaching this adapter to the front of your point-and-shoot camera lens will enable it to use professional, threaded lens filters similar to a DSLR lens!

This is identical to the lens filter adapter you will receive by default when you purchase our pre-converted Lumix ZS100 as well as our Kolari Pocket camera! (The Kolari Pocket utilizes the 37mm version.)

Product features:

  • Super strong 3M adhesive backing for semi permanent bond to lens.
  • 40.5mm thread size.
  • Ideal for Panasonic Lumix ZS series point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Clear thread size marking.


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