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Discover the World in a whole new Light

Infrared Photography opens you up to unimaginable possibilities with your photography. “Traditional” Visible Light landscapes transform into unparalleled dimensions created from your imaginative vision. The possibilities are truly endless and wildly gratifying.

What’s inside Infrared CLiR 1.2 Photography Mastery?

The Ultimate Infrared Course and Photoshop Panel. CLiR v1.2 now includes over 400 pre-built Infrared profiles During CLiR course, we taught you how to build a custom profile for your camera. It’s the essence of processing iR with Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop. No more messing about with the DNG Profile Editor. Just open the CLiR Infrared Profiles Library, pick your camera’s brand and model, copy the dcp file and install it in your computer, thats it. Happy editing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope!  There is no subscription required to watch any of the material after you purchase it.
Once you purchase it is yours. You have access to all of the videos and can watch them at your leisure offline.

Not exactly.  Let us explain.

All dot releases will be free of charge to update and we will notify you when that happens.  A dot release is anything that stays within the same generation of the panel but has slight modifications.  For example, 1.1 to 1.2 would be free of charge, but 1.2 to version 2.0 may have an upgrade charge.

Unfortunately, the CLiR Panel will not work with Elements.  Some of the training in the tutorial package may apply, but the Panel will only work in Photoshop CC.

 The CLiR Panel will only work on the following platforms:

  • Photoshop CC (2014 and up)

    The CLiR Panel WILL NOT work in the following programs.

  • Photoshop Elements
  • Lightroom
  • Versions of Photoshop CS6 and Below 

    The panel is in ENGLISH but is fully functional in all languages of Photoshop

While it will not work directly in the plug-in, because it is only for Photoshop CC you may use your favorite plug-in either before or after.   It really depends on where you use your third-party plugins in your workflow.

There really is nothing else out there for Infrared post-production.  The CLiR Panel and Workflow we have created are unique and finally give infrared photographers a clear path to infrared masterpieces.  The IR Workflow is very convoluted without the CLiR information we are providing.  

Please be patient, these are rather large downloads.

The Full Education Bundle: 2 Downloads for a total of 3.10 GB

All of the videos were recorded at 1080p HD and come with high-res images to work with.  While it is a rather large download, it is being hosted on Amazon S3′s reliable server.  It is highly recommended that you use one of the following browsers to download the file:


  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

See what people say

Unpaid endorsements, just pure enthusiasm we couldn’t make these reviews up if we tried!

I was very pleased with the product – until I realized that what I purchased was the “standard edition” and that there was an update on the panel, but not on the corresponding videos. I did send you an email re this and am waiting for a reply.
Marg H.
(verified owner)
September 15, 2021
First of all, you probably need to get an IR converted camera to really enjoy the benefits of this and, if you subscribe to this course, get the extended version in addition (a separate one) as the explanation of some of the subjects, like color balance are covered much better. I enjoyed it so far.
John F.
(verified owner)
September 6, 2021
Blake and Tony do an excellent job of explaining the IR process and how it works. The Nerdy stuff is actually very necessary in my opinion so you can get a real understanding of the IR process. I would recommend this course highly to anyone who would has a real interest in IR Photography and how to post process IR photos. I’ve learned a lot! That being said, be prepared to take notes and watch each video in order. If you’re like me you’ll be watching the video over and over for a while. 🙂
Dennis Z.
(verified owner)
June 9, 2019

Created with CLiR

The following images were created with the Creative Light and Infrared Photoshop CC Extension

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1 review for CLiR Infrared Photography Mastery – Complete IR Course and Software

  1. Massimiliano Matera (verified owner)

    Hi, I’m Max from Italy, I just completed this course right now and enjoyed it so much!
    IR photography has opened up a whole new world to me in capturing, and with this course I have solved many post production problems.
    The teacher explains the whole concept very well. The CLiR panel software is absolutely a masterpiece, the result of a huge work of the developer, with this software it becomes easy to edit IR images even for those like me who have little practice in this field.
    IR photographer for only 6 months.
    The CLiR panel is complete and greatly reduces post production times!
    Great job!

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