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Some models are more challenging to work on and are priced higher than others to reflect the additional work involved.

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Please provide details of any specific issues you may have with your unit, we’ll pay special attention to these areas and can work out pricing if these may fall outside our standard CLA service.



Below you will find a range of repair services and upgrades we can provide.

When your camera arrives at our facility we will always perform a full preliminary inspection and assessment of the unit’s condition. We’ll get in touch if we discover any other underlying issues such as corrosion or other maintenance you might want to consider.

When we perform a CLA we will check what needs servicing and will perform work on the unit accordingly. If you have any specific areas in mind to be worked on, please make a note of this in the note’s section below.

If you have any questions regarding these services, upgrades or anything else about your Leica please feel free to send us an email or give us a ring and we’d be more than happy to walk you through our services! +1 844 565 2741


CLA Service Details:

  • Deep Body Clean:
    • Our Kolari certified technicians will carefully clean external components, and will perform a professional sensor cleaning. We’ll check the viewfinder for fog and if present will clean both the front and rear sides of all glass elements in the top plate to remove any fog build up over time. If the existing skin is coming loose we can replace any old, failing skin glue with new strong adhesive tape to ensure the body skin stays securely in place.
  • Mechanical Re-lubrication:
    • If the rangefinder lever arm and wheel are not moving correctly we will re-apply long last lubricant. This ensures that the rangefinder properly interacts with the lens and the lens focus position matched the rangefinder readout.
  • Rangefinder Calibration:
    • Have you ever had your images come out with the focus short or long or do your rangefinder’s focus cues have a visible vertical misalignment even when you’re zeroed in? If so you may have a horizontal or vertical rangefinder misalignment that needs recalibrating. Our technicians will verify the unit’s rangefinder and if this needs adjustment we will accurately recalibrate the focus point and focus cues.


Optional Rear Screen Quartz Glass Replacement:

  • We can now replace the original rear screen glass with new, scratch and fingerprint resistant, anti-reflective coated quartz glass. This is a replacement of the original plastic screen with much harder quartz removing the need for additional screen protectors. Leica M9-P models have Sapphire screen glass which, while harder than plastic, are still softer than quartz.


Please note: If you have a sticky/glitchy menu wheel or mode dial, we are able to address these issues but cannot cover this under our standard CLA service. Please let us know ahead of ordering and we can arrange an additional service to have this addressed. 


We also sell repaired Leica M9 Cameras with full warranty coverage available! Check our inventory here.

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Prepaid Mail-in Box

Not sure how to mail your expensive camera? We are now offering a secure and insured mailer box to streamline the shipping process for our customers shipping from the US!

We’re happy to announce that we’re taking the hassle and confusion out of shipping your camera back and forth to us for our conversion service. With our new prepaid mailer, we’ve turned shipping us your camera both ways into one streamlined and secure process. Here’s how it works!

When you place an order for a conversion and select the prepaid mailer option, we’ll send you a sealed box with everything you need already inside. The mailer should arrive to your door in 2-4 days.

Read more here


International Orders

Do you accept international orders?

Absolutely! For accurate shipping costs, please enter your complete shipping address during the checkout process. Some locations may be subject to a remote area surcharge via FedEx Express. The system will not automatically calculate this surcharge. Please check the following link if your city/zip code is considered a remote area: Zipcodes_OPA_ODA.pdf

If you place an order and your city/zip code is on this list, we’ll reach out to you via email to collect the surcharge.

**Backordered Items: Please note that international orders that include backordered items will be held, and shipped together, when all items are in stock! If you need in-stock items to ship prior to this time we can do this upon your request, however, shipment of the remaining items will incur additional shipping fees. Please reach out to our customer service team if partial shipping is required.

***We legally can not declare lower values for customs and duties. We ship all of our international orders from the United States.  Please note that we do not collect taxes, duties, or VAT. International customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and VAT that may be charged by their respective local customs office. You may also be subject to a brokerage charge when you choose FedEx, UPS, or DHL shipping options.***

DISCLAIMER (Please Read)

When working with corroded equipment, there’s a high degree of risk outside of our control when performing repair services. Most of the Leica M9’s we receive suffer from a heavily damaged ICF that may crack when being removed from the sensor assembly. We’ve also seen Leica M9s arrive with an already cracked ICF due to the corrosion issue. We’re a highly skilled and capable repair shop but unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to avoid this even under extreme care. If your sensor cracks during removal there is a chance that glass dust can land on the bare sensor which can cause fine scratches that can be visible under some shooting settings. Furthermore, we’ve been seeing that some M9’s are also affected by a liquid gel substance that can leak onto the sensor and also corrode through bond wires. This liquid gel is visible under a microscope but can’t always be seen. If we notice that your camera is affected by this substance we will reach out to you before we continue with your repair service and ask for permission to proceed. (We successfully repaired a few M9’s with corroded bond wires and the camera did not have any noticeable issues after being repaired but we can not guarantee this for every camera.) We can not be held liable for damages if the liquid gel spreads to your bare sensor during the repair service. We are also not liable for any liquid gel issues or electronic issues stemming from corroded bond wires after the repair service in the event that it is not visible during the repair. Lastly, some repairs are not possible (or very high risk) because of extremely strong bonding that can not be softened for a safe filter removal. If we find that we can not safely remove your ICF we will stop the repair process, reassemble your camera, notify you, and send it back after your confirmation.

In the event that we can not move forward with your repair for any reason, we will notify you, wait for your response, send back your camera, and process a refund for your repair minus a 5% processing fee and shipping costs.

We’ve also been noticing that some M9 sensors are affected by electronic failure. Unfortunately, we can not repair this. Here’s an example of what electronic sensor failure looks like below:

M9 Jeffery


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