The Canon EOS R5 Infrared Photography Review

Rarely is a new camera release so rich with expectations and controversy. Regardless of how we may feel about the 8K video performance, the Canon EOS R5 is an incredibly capable mirrorless body. And the best news is we can convert it to infrared. So, how does one of the most powerful mirrorless camera bodies […]

The Sigma fp Disassembly and Teardown


Since making is debut in July of 2019, the Sigma fp has gained notoriety as a very capable camera among its mixed reviews.The decidedly lowercase ‘fp’ is Sigma’s first full-frame sensor. The fp was released the same year that all other major camera manufacturers that aren’t Sony were releasing their first or second full-frame mirrorless […]

The Canon EOS R6 Disassembly and Teardown

DSC08541 21 2

Here at Kolari Vision, we love tearing into the newest camera gears to learn how they work and if they can be modded for infrared photography, full spectrum photography, or other things. We’ve been really excited about the R5/R6 release, and had plans to add some cooling mods and overhaul it into a proper video […]

Infrared Travel Photography: The Meteora in Infrared

IMG 0296fc Copy

Greece is home to dramatic landscapes and architecture as well as diverse plant life. These things make Greece an amazing location for infrared photography. So, we took the full-spectrum Kolari Pocket there to prove what a powerful camera it is for creative infrared photography despite its nifty, pocket-able size. The Meteora, a high altitude complex […]

The Island of the Colorblind by Sanne De Wilde

WIS2015001IRC 0025

The Island of the Colorblind In the late eighteenth century a catastrophic typhoon swept over Pingelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. One of the survivors, the king, carried the rare achromatopsia-gene that causes complete color blindness. The king went on to have many children and as time passed by, the hereditary condition affected […]

This ND Filter goes beyond the Visible Light Spectrum

10Stop IRND Black 6 scaled

Expanding our Capability Horizons What makes a good neutral density filter? It’s in the name. The best ND filter should be as neutral as possible in its consistent light reduction across your entire image, for all colors, and at all focal lengths. A great 10-stop ND, for example, should always reduce light by a consistent […]

UV Protection Lens Filter: Spectral Analysis

kolari vision pro uv protection lens filter

UV Protection Lens Filters: A Redundant Sheet of Glass? We’re going to ask a controversial question: What do UV filters do, exactly? A UV blocking filter, (Not to be confused with our UV Bandpass filter which has the opposite function) is perhaps the most standard lens filter out there. It’s sold with every beginner lens […]

Infrared Photography Feature: Sakchai Lokanuvat in the Desert

Sakchai Lokanuvat 012

This week we asked a long time member of the Infrared IG community about his iconic and colorful infrared shots of the desert and where they all come from. His name is Sakchai Lokanuvat, though you may know him as @cuttlepup! “I like how I can never be certain that what I see when I […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Image from iOS

Here’s a list of everything we have going on! (Sale ends Tuesday, May 26th) $50 OFF All conversion services! Use coupon code: ‘MEMORIALDAY2020‘ at checkout! 10% OFF all 5-count and 9-count infrared filter sets! Use coupon code: ‘MEMORIALDAYFILTERS‘ at checkout! HUGE Discounts on short-cut 4×5″ IR cinema filters! (Only $175 each.) All USED Clearance filters […]

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