A series photographed in Grand Central Terminal, New York, using a 850nm IR modified Nikon D610. The series captures people in Grand Central Station from all walks of life. The visitors are shooting selfies, eager to post the images on their social networks, commuters are anxious to be home with their loved ones. As the […]

Angry Clouds

Traveling along in the car taking photos out my window & I was lucky enough to get the photo, the clouds were amazing

Broken Down

A little old broken down tractor & shed down the road from us

Green Barn

A Beautiful landscape of Old, & Overgrown.

Line Up

Managed to capture a great line up of trees on our travels while moving in the car

On Track

Lying on train tracks in our little town


Went to a town 3 hours away & went exploring, & found a little pond next to a park

Rail Bridge

This is an old rail bridge located in our town