11 march 2018, 3.30 am at Mirpur-12, Dhaka,Bangladesh. Like the every other night, people of Ilihas Mollah slum, mostly garments worker, were sleeping soundly after a hard working day. All on a sudden this peaceful night was pierced by a blazing fire. It engulfed almost thousand shanties with gigantic hunger. The entire area turned into hell with no time where the source of fire is still unknown. people fled with terror on their eyes.
The firefighters rushed to the spot to battle. After almost four hours sweating effort of 23 fire fighting unit, they were able to control the looming inferno.
25000 people ran to save their life leaving behind almost everything they had! Most of them made it, but zamila khatun couldn’t. with 68% burn on her body, she died at 5 am.others four people were injured.
Yesterday’s robustious shanties are now a barren ground filled with ashes. Maybay someday this barren ground will again be filled with children’s laughter, but the people who managed to escape this blazing inferno will bear the scar forever.