Bangladesh is hit harder than almost any other country in the world by climate change despite emitting very little greenhouse gases. In fact it’s in 7th position on the climate change effect. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh become no 1 victim, as this is the end of the line for the Climate migrants.Mega city Dhaka have 23 million population among them 10 million are climate refugee, every day 2000 climate migrants shifting permanently in Dhaka. As a result, Dhaka is experiencing an unprecedented level of urbanization and is listed among the worst cities of the world in terms of quality of living. While a livable city should contain 25 percent greenery of its total area, the capital has barely five percent greenery for lack of regular plantation, and no maintenance of the existing ones. Beside the climate refugee, the Climate Induced Hazards mostly temperature variations, variations to rainfall, flooding and water logging, Cyclone and storm surges etc. Non climatic factors are making Dhaka city more vulnerable to climate Change are Population, Poverty and poor living standards, Rural-urban migration, Access to services and utilities etc. Millions people living in Dhaka with a dream for better life but the brutal truth is very soon Dhaka will be the biggest climate nuclear bomb.