Prepare For Battle

20100629 DSC 3358

Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren, of the Union Army, assesses the danger posed by the advancing Confederate troops, and rallies his troops to defend the key position at Little Roundtop in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Many attribute Warren’s quick assessment of the situation as being the critical moment of the Civil War and key to the Union’s […]

South Beach

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Sailing out of Miami to the Caribbean. I love this routing because I get to see the full length of South Beach and all of it’s energy. While shooting this image, I was hoping to achieve the correct color of the sky and sandy beach, and the infrared effect of the foliage, but most importantly […]

The Court house Nassau Bahamas

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This really surprised me. I was going for the dramatic sky and clouds and was very thrilled to acheive that effect, including the foliage, but at the same time I got the unexpected colors in the windows of the building as if the court house was on fire; A kind of “Gone With The Wind” […]

Belhurst Castle

20080704 DSC 2308

The historic Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY, on Seneca Lake. With its ivory, the building makes a great subject for infrared photography.

Crystal Symphony

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I cruise very often and I usually don’t find anything that peaks my interest on a cruise ship that would lend to infrared photography, with the exception of this day. The sea was extremely calm and smooth as glass. It looke like the perfect setting on the top deck with no one in sight for […]

Kapaniwai Park

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I was on my wedding anniversary on the Hawaiian island of Maui, looking for a park where I could shoot some beautiful photos of waterfalls. Kapaniwai Park was recommended by my hotel concierge. So I drove an hour to find this park that had no active waterfalls unless it was raining, and it was not. […]

Auzwitz death camp

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This was my second visit to Poland. I was performing there both times. The first visit in 1987 was during a summer festival and I had a major rehearsal with the orchestra while my entire entourage had the day off and they got the chance to tour Auzwitz. I did not. I got the opportunity […]


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While visiting in Los Angeles, and tagging along for an interview session with pop rock musician/ singer, Trevor James. He and I decided to stop at Ciao Bella, a café on Melrose Boulevard to enjoy a cup of Java. While sitting at a window seat the light look perfect for a portrait of this up […]

Society of the four arts garden

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While visiting family in West Palm Beach, Florida, they know how much I love photographing beautiful landscapes and national parks. They invited me to see the The Society of The Four Arts Gardens which comprised of some incredible landscape art. With my infrared camera in possession it felt like I could be one of the […]

Tampa River Walk

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I arrived at the Sheridan hotel in downtown Tampa late in the evening. I had no idea of my surroundings or what near the hotel. That morning I got up I saw this incredible serene pedestrian walkway along side the river behind the hotel. The opposite side of the river was a structure that Looked […]

The road from Bonnie Ranch

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This is almost in my back yard. Sometimes I forget how spectacular the desert can be, especially with an almost full moon rising and the joy I get when I can play with the light spectrum using infrared. This shot was taken on the road leaving the Bonnie Ranch near the Red Rock Conservation in […]

The Bonnie Soring Ranch

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Living in the desert of Nevada, specifically the Las Vegas desert you get a sense of the authentic old west. What would the old west look like with a modern touch of color infrared. I enjoyed making this shot that not only showed one spectrum of color which is pink but it also gave me […]

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