Society of the four arts garden

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While visiting family in West Palm Beach, Florida, they know how much I love photographing beautiful landscapes and national parks. They invited me to see the The Society of The Four Arts Gardens which comprised of some incredible landscape art. With my infrared camera in possession it felt like I could be one of the […]

Tampa River Walk

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I arrived at the Sheridan hotel in downtown Tampa late in the evening. I had no idea of my surroundings or what near the hotel. That morning I got up I saw this incredible serene pedestrian walkway along side the river behind the hotel. The opposite side of the river was a structure that Looked […]

The road from Bonnie Ranch

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This is almost in my back yard. Sometimes I forget how spectacular the desert can be, especially with an almost full moon rising and the joy I get when I can play with the light spectrum using infrared. This shot was taken on the road leaving the Bonnie Ranch near the Red Rock Conservation in […]

Thomas Jeffersons Monticello

20100725 DSC 3925

President Thomas Jefferson’s home is always a great subject for infrared light, particularly when the clouds cooperate.

Belhurst Castle Winery

20080704 DSC 2329

The historic Belhurst Castle Winery and Resort, located in Geneva, NY, on the edge of Seneca Lake.

Pennsylvania Monument

20100629 DSC 3418

One of the many moving memorials on the battlefield of Gettysburg National Park. Gettysburg, PA.

Hartwood Acres

20070915 DSC 0036 Base

A horse grazes in one of the fields of Hartwood Acres, part of Pittsburgh’s Park System.

Seneca Lake

Infrared Tree Seneca Lake Large

Perhaps one of the best infrared scenes I have encountered.

My Favorite Model

DSC 0255 251

Photo of my wife taken on the grounds of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

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