The Bonnie Soring Ranch

Living in the desert of Nevada, specifically the Las Vegas desert you get a sense of the authentic old west. What would the old west look like with a modern touch of color infrared. I enjoyed making this shot that not only showed one spectrum of color which is pink but it also gave me […]

Umbrella couple in the park

Back in the day this was a favorite park of mine in the Los Angeles area. Now that I shoot a lot of infrared I’m always looking for interesting landscapes so I decided to visit Balboa Park. As I was walking through I noticed an elderly man sitting on a bench with a woman shading […]

Cuban Forest

This was a very unusual photo shoot for me because it was my first time in Cuba. I hired one of those 1950 bright color car drivers who took me all around. He stopped at this little village in the middle of a heavily wooded area as I called the Forrest. What makes this one […]

Thomas Jeffersons Monticello

President Thomas Jefferson’s home is always a great subject for infrared light, particularly when the clouds cooperate.

Belhurst Castle Winery

The historic Belhurst Castle Winery and Resort, located in Geneva, NY, on the edge of Seneca Lake.

Pennsylvania Monument

One of the many moving memorials on the battlefield of Gettysburg National Park. Gettysburg, PA.

Hartwood Acres

A horse grazes in one of the fields of Hartwood Acres, part of Pittsburgh’s Park System.

Seneca Lake

Perhaps one of the best infrared scenes I have encountered.

My Favorite Model

Photo of my wife taken on the grounds of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.