1st Place Winner for IR Photo Essay: Touching the Sublime by Tomas Jirku

jirku2 1

What does it mean to be connected with nature? Living in a human world, buffered from nature by human-made things, I had become accustomed to thinking of it as something we go out to and then retreat from. However, once I asked myself the question, it didn’t take long to realize how embedded we are […]

2nd Place Winner for IR Photo Essay: IR-CHITECTURE by Antoine Nobile

10 3

SPEED – Hong Kong polytechnic school. EGG – Shenzhen OCT design museum. STONE COLD – Modern Hong Kong CUBE – E.U.R. building, Rome, Italy NIAGARA – Niagara university, Malmö Sweden. STACKED – pharmaceutical complex, Basel Switzerland. ARROW – building in Aarhus, Denmark. PURE STEEL – Maersk tower, university of Copenhagen. WAVELETS – Xiqu opera house, […]

Honorable Mention for IR Photo Essay: Saigon in Red by Dzung Tran

p9 1

“Saigon in red” is my personal photo project from my home town. I would like to share some perspectives on our city at this time. It has changed and is different from what you may know about us from before VietNam’s war. Our city is changing and growing with the appearance of big buildings and […]

Honorable Mention for IR Photo Essay: Hegemony by Hermine Jouan

16 2

Confined by the asphalt, the vegetation gradually takes its place with the seasons. It dominates the ruins of civilization, stretches across rocky landscapes and even in hostile and cold land, it is always present until end of the world. Magnified by infrared shooting, vegetation is ubiquitous and universal.

Honorable Mention for IR Photo Essay: Dreams of the Misty Mount HuangShan by Lin Fan

11 3

The outstanding natural beauty of Mount HuangShan attracts tourists and photographers, including an IR photographer like myself. Features I have depicted in this photo essay reflect HuanShan’s imaginatively-named pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of cloud, and all under infrared light. I have an aesthetic appreciation of Mount HuangShan’s lanscape, so I used my own personal style […]

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