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2nd Place Winner for IR Photo Essay: IR-CHITECTURE by Antoine Nobile

SPEED - Hong Kong polytechnic school.
EGG - Shenzhen OCT design museum.
STONE COLD - Modern Hong Kong
CUBE - E.U.R. building, Rome, Italy
NIAGARA - Niagara university, Malmö Sweden.
STACKED - pharmaceutical complex, Basel Switzerland.
ARROW - building in Aarhus, Denmark.
PURE STEEL - Maersk tower, university of Copenhagen.
WAVELETS - Xiqu opera house, Hong Kong.
LIBRARY - public library, Malmö Sweden.
CONCRETE WAVE - Hong Kong polytechnic school.
TILES - museum of art, Hong Kong.
TWIST -modern residential complex, Copenhagen.
AXEL - Axel tower, Copenhagen.
ROUGH - mountain church, Ticino Switzerland.
REFLECTIVE - National Aquarium of Denmark.
STEALTH - Run Run Shaw creative media centre, Hong Kong.
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