UV Photography Compatible Lenses

Introduction to UV photography compatible lenses As explained in the presentation of UV photography, not all lenses can be used with UV transmitting bandpass filters because of anti-UV coating applied on their elements. UV-capable lenses can be divided into 3 categories: Entry level lenses: cheap lenses with simple optical formula. These lenses are easy to find and […]

What makes a good UV filter?

Introduction to filters for UV photography Kolari Vision is not the first company developing a UV transmitting bandpass filter. It is important to show the performance of this filter compared with its principal challengers. This article will compare the three following filters: Kolari UV transmitting bandpass filter: 52mm, $200 UVIRoptics LUV U2 filter: 52mm, $225 Homemade stack […]

Getting Started with UV Photography

Getting started 1. What is ultraviolet photography? Ultraviolet photography (UV photography ) is a new way to realize unique pictures by photographing near ultraviolet spectrum, below 380nm. This part of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to human eyes. Camera sensors can be sensitive to it once they are modified. It is the same for infrared photography. […]