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2nd Annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest Winners

Thank You, everyone!

Despite all the setbacks we’ve weathered as a community through 2020, the 2nd annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest turned out to be huge success! We want to thank everyone who participated and took the time to send us their work. We received thousands of submissions, and the US-based and international representation was as strong as ever, making Life in Another Light a truly global contest. Without further delay, we’re very proud to announce the winners of the contest’s eight Infrared and Visible Light stills categories. Together, you show that your choice of light spectrum is another powerful tool for photographers to realize their artistic vision.

(Click here to see the original contest announcement as well as the winner’s of last year’s Life in Another Light photo contest.)

Photo Essay Category Winners

Our two photo-essay category winners will be announced following our still winners, and their photo stories will be published individually as full blog posts on our site in the coming weeks. They’ll appear here as they’re announced! Click the images to view the full essays.

1st Place Photo-Essay Winners

Infrared Photo Essay

Touching the Sublime by Tomas Jirku

Visible Light Photo Essay

From my Window by Violeta Milutinovic

2nd Place Photo-Essay Winners

Infrared Photo Essay

IR-CHITECTURE by Antoine Nobile

Visible Light Photo Essay

Everyday Life in India by Sebastian Gra

3rd Place Photo-Essay Winners

Infrared Photo Essay

Fairy Tale of Prague by Vladimir Migutin

Visible Light Photo Essay

Aftermath of the Magnum Fire by Shirley Smith

Honorable Mentions for Infrared Photo-Essay

Nordic Landscapes and Northern Lights by Christian Obermeier
Road Lines by Dan Waterman
Hegemony by Hermine Jouan
MADRID in IR by Yann Philippe
Dreams of the Misty Mount HuangShan by Lin Fan
Saigon in Red by Dzung Tran

Honorable Mentions for Visible-Light Photo Essay

Survival by Zoran Milutinovic
Moments in India by Sebastian Gra

Stills Category Winners

The 2nd annual contest saw the categories expand to 8 total stills competition brackets. We established specific requirements for light spectrum, shooting technique, and equipment used with room for interpretation in between. The contest was even more competitive this time around, and it was increasingly difficult to select winners with multiple rounds of judging based on subject creativity, multispectral skill, and final image quality. A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner was selected for each category, along with 4 photos selected for an honorable mention for those that were close in the running.

Stills Category Winners: Aerial

1st Place - Derelict Boat from Above in Infrared by Ewan J Richards, 550nm Infrared
2nd Place - Blood of the Earth by Paolo Pettigiani, IRchrome
3rd Place - Promised Island by Yuri Pritisk, Visible Light

Honorable Mentions

A Glance Through the Clouds by Vladimir Migutin, 590nm Infrared
Cyber City by Siu Pik Kam Olivia, Full-Spectrum
Colorfull View by Melvin Guante, Visible Light
Flying over Mars by Rigoberto Costa, 665nm Infrared

Stills Category Winners: Black & White

1st Place - Caney Fork in Between Storms by John MacLean, 850nm Infrared
2nd Place - Cypress Tree Tunnel by Rob Shea, 720nm Infrared
3rd Place - Succulents by Beamie Young, 720nm Infrared

Honorable Mentions

Kirkjufell by Hermine Jouan, 850nm Infrared
Rock of Holy Phenomenon by Yuri Pritisk, Visible Light
Vertical Forest by Arian Yousefi Javan, Visible Light
Aloe Polyphylla by Rob Shea, 590nm Infrared

IR Stills Category Winners: IRchrome

1st Place - Life on Mars by Katie Farr, IRchrome
2nd Place - Innsjoren by Hermine Lecucq Jouan, IRchrome
3rd Place - Sunken Boat by Dani Kangu, IRchrome

Honorable Mentions

Cleveland Dam by Reilly Lievers, IRchrome
Norway's Dream House by Yann Philippe, IRchrome
Lights and Shadows in the Dolomites III by Tomasz Grzyb, IRchrome
Untitled by Jesse Rossman, IRchrome

IR Stills Category Winners: Landscape - IR

1st Place - Nature's Fury by Ken Sklute, 720nm Infrared
2nd Place - Lights and Shadows in the Dolomites by Tomasz Grzyb, IRchrome
3rd Place - Home by Lys Olson, 590nm Infrared

Honorable Mentions

Half Dome Reflection by Rob Shea, 590nm Infrared
Kodak Cow by Augustin Cross, IRchrome
Socotra Yemen by Ziryab Alghabri, 550nm Infrared
Multnomah Falls by Miles B Jordan, 550nm Infrared

Visible Stills Category Winners: Landscape - Color

1st Place - Opening by Muhammad Hary, Visible Light
2nd Place - Superstition Mountains Glow by Tim Liscum, Visible Light
3rd Place - Hintersee by Yohan Raintung, Visible Light

Honorable Mentions

The Last Anchorage of the Ship Ochakov by Yuri Pritisk, Visible Light
Early Morning by Zoran Milutinovic, Visible Light
Golden Gate Bridge Engulfed in Forest Fire Smoke by Rain Hayes, Visible Light
Rural Life and Nature by Amirul Islam, Visible Light

Stills Category Winners: Long Exposure

1st Place - Mashes Sands by Michael S Riffle, 720nm Infrared
2nd Place - Borneo Rainforest by Muhammad Hary, Visible Light
3rd Place - Redfoss by Hermine Jouan, IRchrome

Honorable Mentions

Katsiveli by Yuri Pritisk, Visible Light
Arpenaz Waterfall by Pierre-Louis Ferrer, 550nm Infrared
Kirlian Leaf by Yann Philippe, UV and Visible Light
Roberto Clemente Bridge by Joey Gannon, 590nm Infrared

Stills Category Winners: Portrait

1st Place - A Worker by Muhammad Amdad Hossain, Visible Light
2nd Place - Water Spirit by Sean P Jones, IRchrome
3rd Place - Beauty by Shubhodeep Roy, Visible Light

Honorable Mentions

Mentawai by Marc Ressang, 590nm Infrared
Classic Car by Tim Weaver, 720nm Infrared
Adrift by Beamie Young, 720nm Infrared
The Son Helps His Father by Abdo Tahoon, Visible Light

Stills Category Winners: Kolari Pocket

1st Place - Golden Hills by Rob Shea, IRchrome
2nd Place - Tropical Ice by Lance Schroeder, 720nm Infrared
3rd Place - Panama City Panama from Cerro Ancon by Mark A Mauerman, 720nm Infrared

Honorable Mentions

Symmetrical Depth by Lance Schroeder, 720nm Infrared
Spring Day at Memorial Park by Mark A Mauerman, 720nm Infrared
Garden Between the City by Kelsey J Hockenberger, 590nm Infrared
Lone Tree Hill by Rob Shea, IRchrome

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and keep an eye on our blog as we present the the winning photo-essay submissions!

3 thoughts on “2nd Annual Life in Another Light Photo Contest Winners

  1. Congratulations to the winners. These are some inspiring and fantastic images. I’d love to see some comments by some of the photographers about how they got these shots.

  2. Thank you so much Kolari Vision for the 1st place Black & White Stills Category win! I am truly honored!

  3. Thank you to Kolari Vision, Ilija and the judges for this great honour and opportunity!

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