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My first experience with an infrared-converted camera turned out to be a disappointment. After a little research, I had ended up sending a camera to a large, national camera-repair company that had come highly recommended. As I later learned, the camera-model I chose for conversion wasn’t the best choice for infrared. I later learned that their conversion-work was pretty shoddy. To make a long story shorter, after almost giving up on infrared photography, I ran into the Kolari Vision website. That site prompted me to contact Ilija. He was extremely patient in answering my many questions, and offering me great advice. After a great number of exchanged emails, I obtained a converted camera from him. Several months later, I sent Kolari Vision a second camera for conversion. I am extremely satisfied with both of his conversions, and particularly happy with all of the advice and “hand-holding” provided by Ilija. I highly recommend Ilija and his firm!

Allen Forrest
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

I have bought two cameras from Kolari Vision and am MORE than satisfied with them.Am now venturing on buying a third camera – not the run of the mill Compact System Camera but a Samsung NX series and am POSITIVE the same professional results will be done.

This is not the REAL BEAUTY of dealing with Kolari Vision – it is the truly PERSONAL service that Ilija extends to all customers. One of the main pains in IR photography is the TIME CONSUMING Post Processing in Photoshop or some other program and Ilija makes a breeze with his Photoshop Actions for different IR Filters and Tutorials – a real blessing in disguise.

Hope this conveys the pleasure I have with Ilija and Kolari Vision.

Colin Hall
Sparwood B.C. Canada

Outstanding results! I paid another company over $150 for this same IR conversion and it failed. The photo results were grainy and had almost no color to them. Don’t be fooled, this is NOT an easy conversion process.

Kolari Vision does it right. They have now converted four cameras for me, and set up, adjusted and tested each one to perfection. Kolari Vision always delivers me outstanding results, every time.

John Sturgeon
Monterey, California

I first bought an IR converted camera from Kolari Vision few years ago from eBay.

The camera worked perfectly and I was very satisfied. The owner was very responsive answering all my questions, which helped me a lot in my choice.

Since then I have had several conversions with Kolari Vision and every time I receive a wonderful customer support. The guys are very well informed and know what they are doing – I think that’s called “EXPERTS”. I now contact them directly through their new web site, founding my overall experience with Kolari Vision to be one of the best possible.

I highly recommend them for all types of camera conversions – IR, UV, Full spectrum, etc.

You won’t be sorry!

Stefan G.
owner of “Stefig, LLC” – Web & Graphic design company
and hobbyist photographer

I have done business as a professional photographer for over 40 years. I’ve been published in just about all major magazines around the world for my car work, mainly Mercedes Benz. I have bought a camera from Kolari Vision that was converted to 720 nm. It is a Lumix G10. The conversion was first rate and the process is like magic! You look in live view and see what you’re getting real time! The shots that come out of this camera are outstanding! I bought a 850nm filter for just Black and White infrared work but the 720 is a great choice for someone who wants the option of some color. I had many questions and the quick response from these people is First Class. They walked me through any questions I had in a prompt and easy to understand way.

I have since updated to the Lumix GX 1 and just beginning the tests. If you are thinking of having your camera converted to Infrared or buy one already converted, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kolari Vision to anyone who wants to explore the amazing world of Infrared!

Brad Miller

Just got my Canon 40D back and it is FABULOUS!!! I’m so excited and my only regret is that I have a day of work ahead of me before I can get outside and really see what she does. Initial test shots look great.

And if anyone’s on the fence, DO THIS NOW. Kolari took great care of my baby, had it back in my hands extremely fast, and they’ve have been real pros the whole way around. You won’t go wrong if you choose them for your conversion.

Michelle Huston

Kolari Visions conversion service is a high quality professional service. With me having over 40 years in photography of one kind or another, I would usually never let anyone touch a camera unless it was a factory authorized shop. To show my skepticism, I went over the camera with a 10x eye loop. I looked for screws with messed up heads, and or gaps and poor fitting shells. NONE of this showed up. And since the fingers are more sensitive than the eyes, I closed my eyes and carefully felt the camera all over! Wow! Great Job! Kolari Visions. The test will come over the next few months, but the first few shots I made were analyzed from edge to edge, and blown up to see pixel behavior at the edges and around the center. Quality was there and I now place Kolari Visions card In with the manufactures. They are a place I will return to and know I am getting first class work done. The service and advice is great, so if you want a great job done Kolari Visions I will recommend. If you are not quite sure what to get.

Then E-Mail the staff and they will give you an honest idea for the product to fit you. If you are on a budget, push it now because once you are hooked on the fun, you will be glad you did.

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Steve Shelton
Independent Forensics Photographer
Courts digital photo analyst

When I discovered infrared photography, I knew almost nothing about it and searched all over the internet before deciding to us Kolari Vision as my source for information. The web site is very informative and they quickly answered all my questions. I decided to put my trust in them to help me choose the right camera for conversion, including the type of filter, and I was not disappointed! And I got it back within just a few days. I have recommended Kolari Vision to several friends and family who have shown an interest in IR photography. When I decide to upgrade to a DSLR, I will be contacting Kolari vision for advice and conversion services. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy using my Canon G9!

Shirley Byrne
College Station, TX

I am so glad I had my infrared conversion done by KolariVision! Even before I sent my camera in, KolariVision was a great resource for me in learning about Infrared photography. The website is so thorough, and my personal emails were answered incredibly quickly. I can’t believe how quick the turnaround time was after I sent out my camera. Most importantly, the conversion is perfect! Everything was set up and ready to go for me when the camera arrived – I just set my custom white balance, and was shooting really cool pictures immediately. The support materials sent back with my camera were helpful. I highly recommend this service!

Jacki Dickert
Linden, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent and speedy work on my D7000 conversion. I was really concerned about whether or not I could get a good white balance, and particularly whether or not I would be able to focus sharply without using LiveView, but I not only do I not have problems with either, I do believe that the focusing post-conversion is even sharper than it was beforehand. Having never shot IR before I was not only satisfied, but immediately impressed with the results. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much for the excellent work. Now you have me wondering if I should be doing an alternate conversion on my D90 instead of selling it.

Jake Kurdsjuk

My first adventures into IR photography and Kolari Vision have given me a flying start. They worked with me on a tight deadline, a friend of mine brought the camera back to the UK for me. The conversion worked beautifully but most importantly for me (an IR noob) they provided a getting started leaflet and some excellent training guides on their website. Ilija has been very good a answering my noob questions that fell outside the scope of the material on the website, without making me feel stupid. It is this great after sales care that makes them highly recommended in my eyes.

Thanks again Kolari Vision!

Richard Isted
London, UK

My Lumix G5 was here when I got back from vacation and I could not be more pleased! It is great to meet someone like you with your obvious dedication to customer service. I appreciate the communications we had when you could not complete the conversion in the time frame I needed! (This was my fault, not yours. I sent it to you too close to my vacation departure date). It is obvious to me that you kept your word and expedited the conversion so that I had it when I got home, a very generous thing to do!

The camera is everything I had hoped it would be and the White Balance was perfectly set when I got it, thanks for this touch also. I have already show my pictures to several friends and loaned them the camera for a day. I also told them to make sure to contact you if they wanted the conversion done right at a very fair cost. I am now starting to think that my spare Lumix GX1 would be great in one of your other colored filters. I am actually starting to research my choices so you may hear from me again soon!

Jerry Turney
Scottsdale, Arizona

I have been doing Digital Infrared for about 10 years with a Minolta DiMage 7 which was designed without a Infrared cutoff filter in front of the sensor. Using a IR filter in front of the lens I could do I.R. with the camera on a tripod. Exposure was such that I could not hand hold the camera. Have been looking for a company that could modify a point and shoot at a reasonable price and found it in KolariVision. Not only did they do it very well but delivered it in less than a week. ”

Max Tiller
Albany, New York

I found the Kolari Vision while searching the web. Their well planned, informative website convinced me to send my Lumix LX5 for a 850nm conversion.

Within one week, I received my converted camera. I’m still in the familiarization phase though.

The focus and auto exposure is right on. I do notice a hotspot on some shots (as Kolari Vision noted I may on my model), but I can correct for it in PS.

I am completely satisfied with the service I received and will recommend them to my photographer friends.

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  1. i love my Kolari conversion, in fact i married her!
    ok just kidding but really this company went beyond it means. working on the weekend and easter sunday to deliver my 720nm conversion so i could take it on vacation with me.. The sensor was spotless and clean and focus to perfection. I have had instant response and aid from them in regards to post processing issues that i have encountered with certain lenses. I will consider them for all my conversions… did i mention they are also more affordable?

    1. I purchased the Canon EOS M with a 720nm filter conversion from Kolari in July 2015. It is a nice compact user friendly mirrorless camera and I was able to find a lens adapter for using all of the Canon EF-S mount lenses. The Kolari website has a very informative tutorial section where they explain the use of the GIMP photo processing method. I downloaded the GIMP application and it is working rather well. The Kolari product is first class.

  2. I have been photographing in digital IR for over a decade now. I recently sent in my Nikon D200 for conversion to 850nm. The turnaround time was fast, the conversion fantastic. KolariVision is one of the top two conversion services out there and their prices are the best. Can’t wait to send my next camera in.

    Ralph A. Croning
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  3. My first experience with IR was in the 1960’s using KODAK IR film. Developing was difficult to say the least. Judging exposure was also a problem.

    I decided that a trial with a Lumix DMC SZ25 with a 720nm filter was something that I could try.

    What a gretl surpise. a small 16 MP camera with a 24mm wide angle lens, Charge the battery , set white balance on a tree in my garden and WOWW…!!! I am seeing shots that I had tried for years on film.

    I find thad bracketing for exposure is helpful.

  4. 290Cool (no pun intended). Fun to enrepimext with. I also appreciate the insights into technique. I hope it is your intent to do more of that. For example the long exposure shots of the beach in Bermuda were really nice it would be nice to know settings used. Anyway continued wonderful work. Have I thanked you for the follow at my blog (pairodox farm)? If not many thanks. With someone of your skills watching I’d better work a bit harder. Planning on upgrading to the new Nikon D600 (a big upgrade I’ve been using a point-n-shoot Sony HX9V). Any opinions? Wish me luck. D

  5. Back in the days of film, I used to love what I could do with either B&W or Color IR film, though it was a challenge to use. When I heard about Kolari, I called them. Their technical person listened to me and advised me to get the 590 filter. I had a Canon 5D that was no longer worth much on trade in. It proved to be the perfect solution. I love the results. I can shoot in color, then convert to B&W if I choose with software. (I use Capture One.) I love the results.

  6. Not knowing about Kolari Vision, I first phoned their chief competitor. The tech or owner that I spoke to was not only condescending to my questions, but overall gave the vibe that I was an imposition…actually told me to go read his website before I called again (seriously, like I’m going to call again so you can humiliate me more). I then searched for IR conversions and found Kolari Vision. This man was the complete opposite, was polite, responsive, and eager to help with any info I needed. Bottom line, he got my Canon 5D-Mark II conversion job that I am totally thrilled with. The turnaround was FAST! From the time I submitted the order to the returned converted camera in my hand was less than a week.
    I am a professional artist/photographer and I used to shoot 4×5 infrared film. I always loved the dramatic effect, but digital IR is even better! With 720nm filter there is enough color retained in the file to make very interesting landscapes, with a lot more tonality compared with the old films of the day. As an artist that primarily deals to art consultants I need to constantly reinvent or add to the look of my work. This IR camera has given me one more tool to do just that…Diego Ceja

  7. Just received my new converted T5i, and I am very happy with it and with Kolarivision. All of my questions were answered, and now I am off to the wonderful world of IR post processing. This IR camera is a great addition to my equipment. Thanks Kolarivision!

  8. My conversion arrived today. Everything went well. You are probably the most efficient company that I have ever dealt with. It was a pleasure having you do the conversion. Would highly recommend you.

  9. I think I will title this review “Always”. They are Always there for you. When I first thought of IR, I didn’t know who to go to. So I e-mail Kolari Visions first. Asked about a 590nm filter to put on my non-converted camera.
    Ilija replied back almost instantly, that it would not work for IR. Wow, just lost a sale. I knew than that this was the company to have my camera converted with. So I called. Of course, not knowing much about IR conversations, we talked. In all the time we spend on the phone, Ilija never made me feel dumb. I knew I had the right person. We finally decided on the Two Spectrum conversation, the hot filter and the 590nm. As of this review, I have shot a least 500 frames. 😀 You know what they say,” I should have done this sooner” I am so pleased and happy with Kolari Vision, that as I write this review, another camera of mine is being converted. I really don’t know how you can make Kolari Visions better.
    I just posted my first photo in the gallery. I’m a star. ;D
    By the way, don’t forget to download the PS actions, if you have PS, because they will do the work for you in style.
    Now that I am getting in the IR groove, my e-mails to ILija are becoming more fun. It’s like dealing with a friend.


  10. I am brand new to infrared, but I have always admired it. Back in the film days I think I shot one roll of infrared film and it didn’t turn out very well. I decided to buy an entry level Nikon (D3400) and go for it. I was torn between several places for conversion, but I decided to go with Kolari. I’m very glad I did. I have been playing with my camera for a week trying different lenses and different times of days and weather conditions. My photos are beautiful! I was worried about focus and exposure and if my photos would look good because of my inexperience with infrared, but my conversion is so great that everything is just terrific. I got the coating to help with lens flare and I haven’t had any problems, but to be honest since this is my first infrared, I have no comparison– I just know I haven’t had any problems. The turn around time was very fast! I sent my camera off and got it back within the same week. I couldn’t be happier with my camera or my experience with Kolari. Thank you!

  11. What a great company. I really appreciate folks who will give that little bit extra. For example, I sent my camera in, no battery as instructed, and when it returned, some items, like the clock, had lost their settings. But while I was reading the owners manual (Olympus OM-D E-M1, which I love, but man those menus) I discovered that you had already set a custom WB for the IR filter. Nice! Thank you!

    Some other things I have have learned that I haven’t seen anywhere else; Regular ND filters do still work, at least mine do. But the ND factor seems lower. My 6 stop seems more like 4. The 10 stop is pretty close. Also I have learned that a polarizer does work on 720nm light.

    I couldn’t really get out, but here is one of my very first shots taken from my driveway.

    Oh, and before I forget, I Fed-ex’ed this on Tuesday 8/15/17 and got it back on Saturday 8/26/17 via USPS. Much quicker than I had expected. I wish more companies operated this way. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Thank you.

  12. I contacted Kolari Vision to explore the possibility of converting my Pentax K50 to infrared. In the process, representatives from Kolari Vision communicated with me, as needed, regarding the price, additional components I requested, and valuable information about how to use a couple of functions with the camera, post conversion. Their responses were always timely, expert and professional. An official warranty and Certificate of Authenticity accompanied the camera, which provide assurance and confidence in their work. I would not hesitate to recommend Kolari Vision to other photographers.

  13. I have done some research on IR photography over the years, and I found Kolari Vision’s to be best, the most informative & the most professional. There is so much information that Kolari Vision makes it easy for your to make your own decisions and their website on IR is the best you can find. I had ordered 2 filters from them 2 years ago & the result was very disappointing on my side. They answered my questions, were very helpful and refunded me without any hustle. I have recommended Kolari to everyone I know who is interest in IR photography and I would highly recommend this company to any serious photographer. Their service is exemplar and they stand by their products and services which is refreshing for todays’ market. I will be ordering a converted camera from them and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

  14. I’m very pleased with Kolari’s full-spectrum conversion of my Canon 6D, and their customer service has been very helpful and informative. I asked *a lot* of questions before and after the conversion, and the owner was *always* very prompt and helpful with his answers. The thorough research I did before committing to the conversion of my main camera gave me confidence that Kolari was the best company to provide the service, and the results confirmed that!

  15. I did some IR using an un-converted Canon Elph sd1000 point-and-shoot with a 720nm filter.
    Results were not great. Long expoosure times, generally poor contrast, and a big hot-spot.
    Got a Kolari Vision to convert it to two-spectrum.
    Results were great. 125x increase in IR sensitivity , and no more hot spot.

  16. As a long time infrared user, I wanted a decent point-and-shoot to carry with me. I have a converted Canon g10 already, but the sensor was just too small. I also have a converted Sony APS-C camera, but have not been able to find a compact lens without hotspot to go on it. Pat at Kolari Vision suggested the Panasonic ZS100 with a 1″ sensor. So I promptly bought a slightly used one and Kolari Vision did the 720 nm conversion. The service was fast and great, communication kept me informed, and the results exactly what I wanted!

    Highly recommended – both the compact and capable Panasonic ZS100 and Kolari Vision’s conversion service!


  17. I’ve had my Kolarivision infrared conversion cameras for some time now, and wanted to let people know that while I had some experience with infrared on film, but mostly, I considered myself a visible light photographer, using the Canon AE-1 and AE-1 program platforms. I switched to Digital and use Nikon D-3000 and D-3300 platforms, and had never thought of digital production of infrared images. THEN I heard of Kolarivision and took the plunge with a Canon Elph-180 conversion of 590nm… then came my Canon Elph-180 with 665nm, and finally, my Canon Elph-180 Full Spectrum. Their ease of use and quality image production made me fall in love with infrared photography.

    As I began my photographic experience with film, I continue to limit any manipulation in post processing to what I could do if I was using a darkroom, and the results have been, if I can brag a bit, OUTSTANDING. The ability to work with infrared is an enhancement to my skills in visible light as well!

    I can recommend Kolarivision’s conversions wholeheartedly! They’re affordable, easy to work with and the customer service is outstanding! My wife tells me that if I have to have a mistress, she can live with my infrared cameras.

  18. I’m a hobby & semi- professional photographer. I’m retired & have always had an interest in IR photography. I’m not all that computer literate. I purchased the already converted Canon ELPH 180. I also purchased the CHDK SD card. Long story short I had difficulties with the CHDK installation. I emailed, received great response. I then called I spoke with William. What a patient understanding & informative guy. His patience & understanding got me through the installation without a hitch. It’s Great to deal with a company that has great representatives. Thank You!

  19. I bought three converted Canon Elph 180 cameras, being a 590nm, 665nm and Full Spectrum, and have had great results and a lot of fun working with infrared! To make shooting in the field easier, I fabricated a three camera tripod mount platform, making it simple to shoot all three cameras in succession both in the landscape and portrait modes. The fabrication was quite simple, using a 13″ perforated strip, and two standard 1/4″ camera belt rings to attach the left and right cameras. The center camera is mounted on the tripod’s mounting screw.

  20. I started IFR film in a Kodak Retinal 35mm camera in 1952. Great darkroom days and was hooked on IFR.
    Years later, with a Canon Powershot G1, I noticed some “infrared leakage.” I tried an old R72 filter and it was off to the races.
    I’ve always loved point and shoot for pocket wear and used a Canon S80 and long exposures to get IFR results, and it worked. I now have three “conversions,” a Fuji FinePix S1 that came without an IR filter, an Oly E-PL2 converted, and (drum roll) now a Kolari Vision Elph 180 conversion!
    Wow, what a breakthrough for pocket ready IFR. And they have CHDK hacked the Elph settings so you can get raw files that are almost 20Mb! With various filters and the right conversion, this one is a true winner.
    But wait…there’s more. The followup service for getting the most out of the CHDK was just a phone call away.
    So add great service to all the software and hardware, and it is a true joy to capture some fine infrared photos!

  21. I had been looking for an IR solution for drone filming. I stumbled across Kolari Vision full spectrum conversion for Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad camera. I called with some questions, not so hopeful for much of a reply (based on experience with some other sites I had contacted).
    My question was promptly forwarded to the technical team. And promptly answered in excellent detail.
    This immediately won my business. I purchased the drone with a full spectrum conversion, and full set of IR filters.
    The order arrived early, and the product quality exceeded expectations.
    A+ experience from start to finish.

  22. Kolari Vision have done an excellent job. They repaired the sensor of my Leica M9p. No dust or other spots visible. Their communication is good; quick response to e-mail.
    Jan Fokkema, Netherlands

  23. I was looking for an infrared camera because I’ve seen others’ work and it really interests me. I love the different world view of infrared, especially the white whites of foliage and the dark blacks of skies and waters. So I researched and decided on Kolari Vision as they seemed to have the best reviews and services according to other photographers I have chatted with and seen posts online. The information I received was spot on!

    The camera I wanted was on sale on their site. So instead of sending them an old one I decided to go new (Sony A7RII). Well as the planets aligned perfectly within a day or two of ordering (and my luck kicked in), that camera was declared discontinued by Sony. That, combined with the supply chain issues globally and nationally, put a damper in my plans without going into boring details. I found a Excellent condition Sony A7RIII at the site KEH which sells used equipment. I sourced this camera and had it sent to Kolari Vision. All this time I was in contact with Kolari Vision support, whom is very responsive to any emails and inquiries (normally same day, multiple times). They also have a phone number which I didn’t bother with. Anyways, they worked with me and accepted the camera with no issue.

    After they received the camera, they performed their conversion. I don’t know all what’s entailed except it is a complicated process of replacing a filter(s) over your camera’s sensor, and involves a lot of tiny parts and electronics. You can look up the process on Youtube if you’re inclined. Not wanting to fudge something like this up, I contracted it to Kolari Vision. After weeks of waiting for the original camera order to show up, the process of sending them a camera and having it converted was quick. Lightning quick. I had this process completed within a week. I should of done that sooner, no fault of Kolari Vision not being able to get a discontinued camera quickly. The conversion was worth every penny. The Sony A&RIII camera works as advertised and looks flawless as it should. I can’t tell any work was completed on it. Of course I know it was, due to the infrared use case and testing of their work. I had a 850nm conversion completed, as well as another filter added that helps limit the hotspot that one can get on certain lenses and in certain conditions using infrared technology (physics is hard to beat!). this allows my camera to take strictly Black-and-White photos that are surreal in nature. So far I love my conversion and I would not hesitate to use Kolari Vision again!

    TLDR; In short, Kolari Vision is a world renowned conversion service and infrared / UV filter source to help you modify your camera or to perform the conversion for you. This allows certain wavelengths into your sensor to gather colors and waveforms that your eye, and your sensor, don’t normally see. This can be from different vibrant colors to Black and White surreal images. I would visit to learn about this and other topics of interest in detail to find out more. I have found Kolari Vision to be very responsive and receptive to all my inquiries and requests. Their conversion service is top-notch and also top-tech. I would not hesitate to use them in the future and I am sure I will have other conversions completed as my experience and interest in this field grows. They should be your number one stop if you wish to pursue this area at all. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed. FIVE STARS!

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