Steve Shelton Full Testimonial

This will be one of the “first impressions of the converted cameras from Kolari Vision Infrared conversion service”.

I have been in photography for over forty years now and worked in many different areas. Having this background, I am of course skeptical about anyone other than the factory touching my cameras. Kolari has surprised me and sent me a product that was very professionally worked on. I first took a close look at the camera, and I mean close by using a 10x power eye loop and closely looking at the screws and fit of the camera. What I saw was that none of the screws showed any signs of screwdriver slips and rough edges. The fit of the camera at all points where the shells met or were put together showed no signs of uneven gap or sloppy fit. This showed me that great care was given to the disassembly and reassembly of the camera. Great Job!

Now that you have a quality product from a quality provider, the next step is to familiarize yourself with all the controls and functions of the camera, which of course will vary between camera makes and models. Take the time and learn the camera and you will get better results on any job you want to do.

Infrared is not like any other form of photography, it is an art that can change with just the smallest lack of knowledge or change of the controls. The particular camera that I had converted was done to what is called “Full Spectrum” Full Spectrum means that the blocking filter has been removed, allowing all light to hit the sensor. In my day we just bought film for a project and a filter then went to work on the project. With the advent of Digital, the CCD or MOS chips used have very broad range of light sensing capabilities and so for regular photography the manufacture blocks certain wavelengths. (It is actually cheaper to build a camera this way, one piece of glass rather than a lot of programming). I used to load Infrared film into a camera and we would then fly over an area, take pictures and return to a base where we would develop the film then see the results. We would then analyze the photos and determine various military points of interest. Today it is so much easier and in fact fun!

Anyway back to the task at hand, which is what I started to write about! This was all about what Kolari has done for me. They have handed me a product that was professionally modified, and professionally shipped to me. They are friendly and easy to work with, and their web site has a lot of good information on it. If you take the time you will pick up some good information and some good starting points as well as advanced information on Infrared + UV Photography. I could go on for hours about Infrared and probably duplicate a lot of what is on the Kolari Visions Web Site. If you want a quality product, start with Kolari Visions. If you want some information about Infrared, Start with the Kolari Visions web site. If you need help with getting a good high quality product, E-Mail Kolari and they will respond with knowledge. I don’t know what else to say but Kolari Vision is a company I will stay with and surely get future product from!

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