Storm Warriors by Gabo Hegyi-Kovacs

Salgovar Castle is located in Hungary-Europe, on a 730 meters high cliff peak rising around 2 miles from the village of Perocseny in the Borzsony Mountains. There is very little information about its history, and archeological exploration is still waiting for itself. The castle was erected as a landholding center by the members of the Gendarmerie Tribe in the post-Ottoman period 1241-1242. At the beginning of the 14th century, they were forced to revel to oligarch Mate Csak, who received the majority of the territory as a private area. The castle became only Royal with the death of the Baron in 1321.

The castle is visited once a year only by warriors who pay tribute to the heroes of the past. They are the „Borzsonyi heavy infantry”. In 2018 a great storm approached the countryside on that specific day on the 2nd June and in the afternoon the storm hit the castle. When we approached the castle in the Borzsony Mountains in the morning it seemed in the sky that something was going on. This was a special excitement. We knew that the warriors would be there. So it was.

The storm warriors walked in, took up their mail-coats, armors and faced death and storm. The storm was approaching. By the early afternoon the sky was completely transformed. Everyone knew and felt that this was a special day. The chosen ones finally faced each other. Only one fighter could remain victorious at the summit of the storm. Finally we have arrived to the realm of immortality…

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