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Shooting Video in Ultraviolet


Shooting stills isn’t the only thing you can do with ultraviolet photography. Filmmaking is also possible with UV light, but doing so presents a new set of challenges. This article shows two examples of movies shot in ultraviolet with different lenses.

Static Shots

The movie below shows four sequences shot using a tripod with no camera movement. Since filmmaking usually requires a constant shutter speed, a sunny winter day allows you to close the aperture down to assure good depth of field without needing to push ISO too high. Static shots are the easiest to achieve since there is no need to change focus or exposure.

Dynamic Shots

The movie below shows three sequences using a tripod with camera movements. The cloudy day requires a wider aperture and a higher ISO. Fortunately, the movements of the camera and the shifting in focus hide a large amount of the noise produced by the raised sensor sensitivity.


It is best to film ultraviolet movies in the best possible conditions when using the best UV capable lenses. UV filters demand a significant amount of light, and this makes it quite the challenge to film with one, especially when the shots requires a large depth of field and as little noise as possible.

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