Swirl Bokeh Drop-in Filter for Canon EF to RF Drop-in Filter Adapter

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Introducing our new Swirl Bokeh Drop-in Filter for Canon’s EF to RF Drop-in Filter Adapter!

Our Swirl Bokeh filter is capable of producing dreamy blurred backgrounds for images where you want the subject to fully stand out from the background. Our Swirl Bokeh Filter fits perfectly into Canon’s RF to EF Drop-in Filter Adapter and allows you to easily use the filter across multiple modern lenses.

The term Bokeh comes from the Japanese word “bokeru,” which means blur or haziness. In modern photography, it directly refers to the way the out of focus areas of an image are rendered by a lens. The “swirl” bokeh effect is usually the result of a defect and poor focusing on a specific lens. Modern professional lenses are not affected by these defects and will never produce the rare “swirl” bokeh effect.

Many photographers chase the rare classic swirl bokeh effect by purchasing older, vintage lenses but there is now no need to purchase additional lenses as long as you have Canon’s RF to EF Drop-in Adapter and our Swirly Bokeh Drop-in Filter!

We are currently offering our Swirl Bokeh Filter in two variations. (1x & 2x)

The 1x will produce a great swirly bokeh while the 2x produces a more dramatic iteration of the effect.

All of our Drop-In filters are compatible with Canon’s Drop-In adapter system as well as our own.


Example Photo Shot w/ Canon 50mm 1.4 Lens


Recommended for use on portrait lenses. (Focal ranges under 35mm will require extremely close focus distance.) 

Focus distance recommendation:

1X – works best @ 1 to 4 feet distance from your subject.

2X – works best @ 1 to 2 feet distance from your subject.

The effect can vary depending on the lens used and also the distance between your camera and your subject.

1 review for Swirl Bokeh Drop-in Filter for Canon EF to RF Drop-in Filter Adapter

  1. Richard Martinez

    My rating of the Kolari 1x and 2x swirly bokeh filters is outstanding. I like the look the filters have. They look as good/better than the Helios 44-2 58 f2 vintage manual focus lens that I own. My findings have been using the Canon R5 and a Canon 50 1.4 lens. This lens maintains the ability to auto focus though there is a distance limitations. 2 feet from subject with the 2x and about 6 feet with the 1x. I tried a 35mm lens but the focus distance was much shorter. about 1 foot with the 2x and would work for small objects or product shooting. There are a number of variables that influence the amount of the effect. Distance to subject, and to background as well as what F stop you shoot at. Changing these stetting open up a variety of variations of the swirl. The filters are easy to install and fit well. The quality seems good and the filters are held tightly in place until removal. My model bailed on me but I did have a few examples. imadethis.photo/kolari The advantage over a vintage lens is obvious, auto focus still works and the filters are smaller and lighter and work on different lenses. They are small enough that I can always keep them in my bag. If you are looking for the swirly bokeh effect these filters are just what the Dr. ordered.

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