Infrared Conversion Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS35 16 MP Infrared Point and Shootcamera

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  • Comes in  refurbished condition, will be black color.

    The ZS35 allows vivid color infrared pictures to be captured with ease. This is an upgrade from our previous bestsellers, the ZS6, ZS8, ZS19, and ZS25. This is camera features an incredible Leica lens, that goes to 24mm for landscape shots, and has a 20x optical zoom. 24mm is one of the widest lenses for a compact camera on the market. This camera also features a powerful feature set, including full manual controls.

    The camera focuses great, even on close shots. Even though it is a point and shoot, this little camera takes amazing IR pictures. With a little postwork performed, the camera can be used for great false color. Black and white IR photos can also be achieved directly in camera. The camera also offers a wide selection of color choices to choose from.

    With 16 MP this camera lets you take detailed pictures and allows for large prints. The Leica lens is very versatile, with a 24mm wide angle for landscapes to a 20x maximum zoom making composition easy. With a large 3 inch Live view LCD with 180 degree tilt, composing images directly in IR is very easy! Optical image stabilization and HD videos at 60FPS add to the list of great features in this camera.

    With powerful white balance, vivid color infrared pictures are able to be captured with ease. The camera comes with a great set of creative features, like 3D shooting, miniature effect, in camera HDR, and shooting stills at up to 10FPS.

    This camera now offers Wi-Fi connectivity with supported phone and tablet tethering, allowing remote shooting where you can view, shoot, and record pictures right on your phone. This will be of particular interest for UAV applications.

    Cameras are made to order, allow up to a week for order shipment

  • Package contents include:

    Lumix ZS35 Camera (converted)

    Rechargeable battery



    USB Cable


Why Choose Us?

  • Professional dust free infrared conversion in an ISO Class 5 clean bench using high quality glass and fused quartz
  • Anti-reflective coated filters to reduce hotspots and glare
  • The ONLY company that uses optically engineered IR filters for optimal performance
  • Free and quick 1-2 week average turnaround
  • Over 650 supported models for infrared conversion
  • 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, NDVI/Blue IR, Full Spectrum, and Two Spectrum infrared filters all one low price!
  • Free custom lens calibration
  • Free domestic return shipping
  • 1 year warranty on converted cameras and infrared conversions
  • Authorized repair shop partner for long term service of your infrared converted camera


All of our conversions 100% warrantied. Conversions on mail-in cameras come with a 30 day warranty. Our already converted cameras come with a 1 year warranty.

Filter Choices

Direct from Camera, Custom White Balance
Channel Swapped Black & White Direct from Camera, Auto White Balance
590nm Filter 590CWB (Medium) (Small) 590CWB-FC H (Medium) (Small) 590CWB-BW (Medium) (Small) 590AWB (Medium) (Small)
665nm Filter 665CWB (Medium) (Small) 665CWB-FC H (Medium) (Small) 665CWB-BW (Medium) (Small) 665AWB (Medium) (Small)
720nm Filter 720CWB (Medium) (Small) 720CWB-FC H (Medium) (Small) 720CWB-BW (Medium) (Small) 720AWB (Medium) (Small)
850nm Filter 850CWB H (Medium) (Small) N/A 850CWB H (Medium) (Small) 850AWB (Medium) (Small)
Blue IR NDVI BlueIRCWB H (Medium) (Small) BlueIRCWB BW (Medium) (Small)
Full Spectrum/ Two Spectrum

Processing Time

Our conversion processing time is about 5 business days. Our already converted cameras are made to order, please allow around 5 business days from ordering until they mail out.

AR Coating

What is the AR coating and what does it do? The AR coating option adds an IR centered anti-reflective coating onto the filter we install when we convert the camera. It reduces hotspot artifacts that some lenses are prone to, and can reduce other stray reflections. The coating does not reduce optical performance in any way and is highly recommended.


Uncoated glass has a reflection of around 4-5% at all wavelengths, and we found that this reflection off the sensor filter was bouncing off the glass and reflecting back from the lens housing and aperture blades to cause IR hotspots.  We developed this anti-reflective coating that is centered around the IR wavelengths that cause hotspots, and reduced the 5% reflection down to <0.5%

Reflectance curve

Conversion AR Coating

When applied to our internal conversion filters, we find that hotspots are significantly reduced. Below is a sample from a Nikon 50mm 1.8 which has a strong hotspot at small apertures. Independent tests also available from Mark Hilliard here and Edd Noble here.

Hotspot AR


Body type
Body type Point and Shoot
Max resolution 4608 x 3456
Other resolutions 4608 x 3072, 4608 x 2592, 3456 x 3456, 3264 x 2448, 3264 x 2176, 2048 x 1536, 2048 x 1360, 1536 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 640 x 480
Image ratio w:h 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Effective pixels 16 megapixels
Sensor photo detectors 18 megapixels
Sensor size 1/2.33″ (6.08 x 4.56 mm)
Sensor type CMOS
ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (boost to 6400)
Boosted ISO (maximum) 6400
White balance presets 4
Custom white balance Yes
Image stabilization Optical
Uncompressed format No
JPEG quality levels Fine, standard
Optics & Focus
Focal length (equiv.) 24–480 mm
Optical zoom 20×
Maximum aperture F3.3–6.4
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Multi-area
  • Center
  • Tracking
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Face Detection
  • Live View

What's In The Box?

Package contents include:

Lumix ZS35 Camera (converted)

Rechargeable battery



USB Cable

Software CD


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