Original Lowpass Filters



These are the original lowpass sensor filters pulled from a camera. It can be used to replace a damaged or scratched lowpass filter. Free of scratches or defects, but will have some dust from storage and shipping.  Most camera manufacturers will require you to replace the entire sensor if you scratch your sensor glass, this is the perfect item to perform this repair at a fraction of the cost.

Some cameras have two filters, the main lowpass filter, and the dust filter which can shake to remove dust. You usually need both to restore a converted camera, and if your sensor was scratched that only affects the dust filter. When a camera has both, we only ship the front most glass that can be scratched. If you need both for some reason, please let us know.


Tampering with your camera will void all manufacturer warranties. By opening your camera, you risk hurting or killing yourself and the camera from the high voltages present. By purchasing, you agree to our Terms of Purchase. We do not provide any help with dissasembly, installation, focus adjustments or reassembly of your camera. Complete dust elimination may be impossible without specialized equipment.

No returns accepted, subject to availability.

If you want us to install it, contact us for pricing.


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