Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2





Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2

A common question that people have while converting their camera to full-spectrum is whether or not they can still shoot in “regular light.” The short answer is yes, you absolutely can. The long answer is that with an external filter that’s designed to cut UV and IR light, the image will be taken within the visible light spectrum but some filters can just be a bit off in auto white balance.

This is exactly why we’re proud to introduce the next generation of filters of its kind, the Kolari Hot Mirror Pro 2. With more than 50 layers of optical coating put on over a 10 hour period, each Hot Mirror Pro 2 is made with quality and precision in mind.

When we introduced our original hot mirror filter, we optimized the spectral response to match the cameras that were on the market at the time as closely as possible. Now almost 10 years later, cameras have changed and our filter manufacturing capabilities have improved. We may have had the best hot mirror on the market already, but we’ve taken things a step further and outdone ourselves with the Hot Mirror Pro 2. We can now achieve even higher color accuracy and virtually identical performance to stock cameras with an auto white balance. We achieve all of this while also mounting the filter into our newest precision brass rings so you can feel the true quality of the product. The new brass rings thread perfectly and make installation easier even when you shoot with gloves on in the winter. The Kolari Hot Mirror Pro 2 feels just as good as it looks.

Our first iteration, the Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Color Correcting Hot Mirror Filter, had extremely close color accuracy but had some mixed results when used on auto white balance. The second generation, the Kolari Hot Mirror Pro 2 takes this impressive level of accuracy and gets in even closer to the color output achieved with a stock camera. We measured hundreds of original camera sensor filter transmissions from modern era cameras and plotted their transmission curves. We found that there is some variation between individual cameras and brands, and we spent the last year testing and refining a filter to match the average transmission of a modern digital camera.

Most camera brands use both a blue absorbing filter and a UV/IR coated filter to cut UV and IR to ideal levels for visible shooting. We offered our two spectrum conversion as our way of mimicking this process before, but now instead of stacking two filters together, we’ve combined them into one product.

We welcome you to see the results of our work for yourselves.

image 3(Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2)


(Original Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror)


All shots taken for these comparisons were done with Canon RPs, one stock and one with a full spectrum conversion. Each set of photos was taken with the same ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, and using an auto white balance.

IMG 0149full spec auto white balance gen 2

Full-Spectrum Canon RP + Kolari UVIR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2 + Auto White Balance

IMG 0012stock auto wb

Stock Canon RP + Auto White Balance

IMG 0128full spec auto white balance gen 1

Full-Spectrum Canon RP + Original Kolari UVIR Cut Hot Mirror  + Auto White Balance

 You can see here that the color balance of our Hot Mirror Pro 2 is much improved over our original hot mirror. Our original hot mirror lens filter has a much more cool bias when compared to a stock internal UV/IR cut hot mirror. Our new Hot Mirror Pro 2 is also much better than the original when it comes to rendering skin tones. We borrowed Kolari Vision’s own William Martinez for the following test shots. All photographs were taken with Canon RPs with the same settings.

IMG 0092full spec auto white balance gen 2
Full-Spectrum Canon RP + Kolari UVIR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2 + Auto White Balance
IMG 0060stock auto wb
Stock Canon RP + Auto White Balance
IMG 0088full spec custom white balance gen 1
Full-Spectrum Canon RP + Original Kolari UVIR Cut Hot Mirror  + Auto White Balance


Ultra-Wide Lens Disclaimer: Our UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2 will produce color vignetting at ultra-wide angles, except for our clip-in formats. This appears as green/blue-tinted corners when shooting at focal ranges wider than 30mm. We recommend using this filter with lenses no wider than 16mm for APS-C cameras, or 30mm for Full Frame cameras.

Lens Hood Incompatibility Disclaimer: Due to the design of our Gen3 rings some lens hood may not be able to fit around them to be properly attached to the lens itself. In most cases, where this issue is present, it can be mitigated by using our original, longer but narrower, Standard filter ring. This is present on our original Hot Mirror filter. If you’d like the standard ring with our Hot Mirror Pro 2 glass, please reach out to one of our customer service representatives prior to ordering to discuss custom filter options.

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37mm, 39mm, 40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm, 112mm

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6 reviews for Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2

  1. jmadhavan (verified owner)

    I had converted my camera to a full-spectrum camera and got this filter for natural light photography. The product was shipped on time and Kolari has been very responsive to inquiries when I have needed it. The filter itself is awesome as are all the filters that I have bought from them.

  2. Harold (verified owner)

    I have been using the original Hot Mirror on my full-spectrum conversion and been happy with it. The original version has a cool quality to it, and I created a DataColor preset to help with the overall white balance. I was happy with the results, because at times it allows me to carry only one camera for both visible and IR shooting. After reading about the Pro 2, I decided to spring for it. I shot a series of photos with my converted camera using the original Hot Mirror and the Pro 2. I shot the same camera with a regular Olympus OM-D EM-1 mk ii, the same model as my converted camera. I have DataColor presets for all three. While the original Hot Mirror has satisfactory results, the Pro 2 photos are indiscernible from the normal camera. My recommendations are as follows: for a first time purchase go with the Pro 2; for those of you with the original version, it’s worth it if you want to carry only one camera.

  3. Steven Bodine (verified owner)

    I concur wholeheartedly with the previous two reviews of the Kolari Vision UV-IR Cut Pro 2 and don’t have too much to add. In my case I have a Nikon D5500, full spectrum converted for astro-photography, and wanted to continue using it for normal photography. The color balance is just beautiful.

  4. David Fiala (verified owner)

    I have used 3 other brands of this type of filter and none even compare to this one. It does really let me used the auto white balance on my full spectrum Fuij. I just received a 67mm and the shipping was as fast it could be. I went with the Priority Mail shipping because Kolari is so fast to ship. Some companies offer fast shipping options but it is frustrating when you pay for it only to wait days for the item to ship. I ordered my filter on Tuesday and here it is on Friday. The only drawback to getting filter is that it is so good. Now I have to have one in 77mm.

  5. Roger Backhouse (verified owner)

    I cannot compare it with the previous version, though I can compare it with other IR/UV cut filters including an STP Clip in one. I have used it only with a full-spectrum converted Sony A7R2 and manual OM Zuiko lenses (all 49mm filter thread). I have yet to try it on the modern lenses for which it is designed, because I am more likely to take the older lenses when I go out to take IR images (relying on this for the occasional normal image.)

    It is important to take seriously the comments Kolari make about it being recommended only for lenses 30mm or longer. In my experience that is about right; I have only tested it briefly for a couple of days, but with a 28mm lens I find that quite a few shots are fine – it seems to depend on the lighting conditions. There is the occasional shot with a green tinge down the sides, though it seems never to extend far into the picture. Quite a few shots with 28mm are fine. So my view is that, at least on my system, it is borderline at 28mm. So, not having money at stake if a few shots don’t work, I think it will probably turn out to be usable at 28mm, though that may turn out to be wrong.

    Inevitably, I could not resist trying it with wider lenses – 24mm and 21mm. These almost always have green tint down the sides, extending further into the image the wider the lens. Very occasionally, with the right subject, these will probably be OK as is (a landscape framed by tall green leafy trees) but almost all shots will need careful processing on the computer to be acceptable. Getting the local adjustments right is difficult. Not something for regular use even if I am willing to use it for the occasional shot.

    I decided that 5* is fair because Kolari say very clearly that it is suitable only for lenses 30mm and over, and for those it appears to be excellent. Shipping to the UK was fast.

  6. Josh Himes (verified owner)

    Excellent filter for Astrophotography with a full spectrum camera. It also works great for normal daytime terrestrial photography and I have used it to correct the color in tricky lighting with a Leica M11, which has less IR filtration than most modern mirrorless cameras. Build quality is top notch and the coatings are very durable.

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