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These Full-Spectrum modified Canon cameras are refurbished and in mint condition with original Canon and Kolari premium IR accessories kit.

The Kolari Pocket Red cameras are modified Canon IXUS 185 point and shoot camera. It features live view and custom white balance, two indispensable features for focusing and composing directly in infrared. It’s durable ultra-compact frame, 8x zoom lens, simple controls, and powerful 20-megapixel sensor makes this camera the perfect infrared camera for beginners, casual shooters, and all those looking for a way to add infrared to their camera bag at a low cost. This package comes with a 37mm filter adapter ring permanently attached to the front of the lens and three 37mm filters: the 590nm, 720nm, and Hot-Mirror filter all in 37mm!

(Add a 37mm IR Chrome Lens Filter to the standard filter kit for $50!)


Cameras are made to order, allow up to a week for order shipment.


Package contents include:

  • Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera (converted to full-spectrum)
  • 37mm Infrared Filter Kit (590nm, 720nm, IR/UV Cut Hot-Mirror)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Wriststrap
  • Camera Starting Guide
  • Kolari Lens Cap
  • 37mm 6-Filter Pouch
  • Kolari Lens/Screen Cleaning Cloth

Additional add on options:

– 32GB SD Card

– Starter Filter Set + 37mm IR Chrome Lens Filter

– Starter Filter Set + 3 Filter expansion kit (37mm 665nm infrared filter, 37mm 850nm infrared filter, and 37mm IR Chrome filter)(6 Filters) 

– Starter Filter Set + Complete Filter Collection – (37mm 550nm,  37mm 665nm infrared filter, 37mm 850nm infrared filter, 37mm Blue IR, and 37mm IR Chrome filter) (8 Filters) 

CHDK is not available with this camera as the resulting DNG files do not process properly.

UV Photography Disclaimer: While this camera is converted to full-spectrum, it is not recommended for UV photography use with our UV Bandpass filter. Most point and shoot camera lenses do not transmit enough UV light for quality Ultraviolet images. Please refer to our recommended UV lenses page here.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional dust free infrared conversion in an ISO Class 5 clean bench using high quality glass and fused quartz
  • Anti-reflective coated filters to reduce hotspots and glare
  • The ONLY company that uses optically engineered IR filters for the best infrared photography camera you can own
  • Free and quick 1-2 week average turnaround
  • Over 900 supported models for infrared conversion
  • 550nm, 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, NDVI/Blue IR, Full Spectrum, and Two Spectrum infrared filters all one low price!
  • Free custom lens calibration
  • Free domestic return shipping with a mail-in box option
  • 1 year warranty on converted cameras and infrared conversions
  • Authorized repair shop partner for long term service of your infrared converted camera


All of our conversions and converted or modified cameras come with a 1 year warranty for post-conversion malfunctions and electronic issues related to the conversion service.

This warranty does not include wear and tear repairs such as, but not limited to; shutter failure. Warranty does not cover user-caused damage, or other issues unrelated to our conversion services or camera modifications.

For more comprehensive coverage we highly recommend our Extend warranty, which also covers accidental damage.

IR Filter Choices

Direct from Camera, Custom White Balance
Channel Swapped Black & White Direct from Camera, Auto White Balance
590 Filter 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 590 SWB FC 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
665 Filter 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
720 Filter 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
850 Filter 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) N/A 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Blue IR
Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (custom white balance) Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) Full Spectrum BW Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)

Processing Time

Our standard turnaround time for camera conversions is 2 weeks on average for most models. This is only an estimate and not a guarantee. Our standard turnaround time may occasionally exceed 2 weeks during our busy season (April-August) or take less than 2 weeks in our off-season (September-March).

We also offer 5-day and 1-2 day rush processing options on our camera conversions for an additional fee. Our rush services allow us to coordinate the logistics of your conversion ahead of time to meet your deadlines to the best of our ability. Our rush processing time does not include shipping times.

We do our best to accommodate each and every one of our customers year-round.

If ordering one of our pre-converted cameras, keep in mind that they are made to order and are not eligible for rush processing. Please allow at least 2 weeks before your camera ships out to you. Plan for trips and assignments accordingly!

Any time frames that we provide, including shipping time, turnaround time, and rush processing times, are only estimates and are subject to availability. We make no guarantees on service time or shipping times.

Return Policy

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International Orders

Do you accept international orders?

Absolutely! For accurate shipping costs, please enter your complete shipping address during the checkout process. Some locations may be subject to a remote area surcharge via FedEx Express. The system will not automatically calculate this surcharge. Please check the following link if your city/zip code is considered a remote area: Zipcodes_OPA_ODA.pdf

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Infrared Photography Feature: Paul Logan-Stevens

2 reviews for Kolari Pocket Red Edition – Full-Spectrum Converted Camera with Premium Accessories Kit

  1. Val Ewing

    I purchased the Canon ELPH 180 Full Spectrum camera to see if I wanted to get my ‘feet’ wet with IR photography. After some trial and error and many tutorials and experimenting, I find myself looking to take IR more than regular shooting. Thank you Kolari Vision.

  2. asnarb (verified owner)

    One-line summary: A fun intro to full-spectrum photography — just have realistic expectations of its capabilities.

    I bought this as a pre-Christmas present for myself and took it to New York City for a holiday visit. I bought the IR Chrome filter along with the basic three-filter kit and tried them all out. Here are my observations.

    1) First thing to understand is the ELPH is a 2017-vintage point & shoot originally designed to sell under $200US. Set expectations accordingly. Image quality on your smartphone is, in all likelihood, much superior. Bear this in mind. This means that the hot mirror filter, which converts the Kolarivision back to a regular camera, is of rather little use. Why use the hot mirror if you can take a better regular color photo with your phone? Oh, yeah, you bought it to do full spectrum. OK. And the good news is that the ELPH is true pocket-size so there is no reason not to take it on a shoot as 2nd or 3rd camera.

    2) Set the camera to P mode (not A full-auto mode) and leave it there.

    3) Develop a habit. Whenever you go on a shoot, first thing after choosing a filter, point the camera at something white and use the set-custom WB function. This will produce good looking in-camera JPEGs.

    4) Remember the camera’s limitations of small sensor and slow lens. Although it will go to 1600, ISO 800 is about the highest useful speed. If you are using it full spectrum with no filter or with IR Chrome, you /might/ be able to get OK hand held results in low light. With one of the IR filters, which effectively cost 3-4 f-stops, no chance of good results in lower light, use a tripod and the self timer. One of the pocket-size Jobys is a good match.

    5) Remember that $200 camera part when reviewing photos. Don’t be too quick to delete them in the field; the way they look on the camera’s LCD screen is not necessarily how they will look on your computer or tablet’s screen.

    6) Experiment. Try stuff and see what happens. Get a feeling for what looks best for your taste and your subjects. And have fun!

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