Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter Sets for Fujifilm X-Mount



NOTE: Only one magnetic mounting plate is needed per camera!



Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter Sets for Fujifilm X-Mount

We’re excited to introduce our new Kolari Magnetic Clip-in Filters for Fujifilm X-Mount! Compatible with most Fujifilm mirrorless systems, our Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filters can be used to add rear filtering to Fujifilm X-mount cameras. These filters consist of the professional-level optics we’re known for securely fitted into a CNC-machined aluminum magnetic frame, designed with maximum lens compatibility in mind. This one size fits all filter solution also works great with lenses that don’t have filter threads and can also be used alongside external lens filters for multiple layers of filtration.

We apply premium anti-reflective and anti-smudge hard coatings to our premium glass to increase light transmission while reducing flares and ghosting. Hydrophobic, dust resistant, and scratch-resistant, these multi-coatings make cleaning and upkeep an effortless task.

Filter Set Options:

ND Set: 
3-Stop, 6-Stop, 10-Stop ND

Diffusion Set:
Mist 1/2.   Mist 1/2 + 3-Stop,   Mist 1/2 + 6 Stop,

Mist 1/4.   Mist 1/4 + 3-Stop,   Mist 1/4 + 6 Stop,

Mist 1/8.   Mist 1/8 + 3-Stop,   Mist 1/8 + 6 Stop

Infrared Set:
590 nm, 665 nm, 720 nm, 850 nm, OEM Hot Mirror

Infrared Set (slim):
590 nm, 665 nm, 720 nm, 850 nm, UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2


**Our infrared filters will require a full-spectrum-modified camera to produce the proper effect. (590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, UV/IR Cut OEM Hot Mirror)

PLEASE NOTE: Clip-in filters may not be compatible with certain lens-camera combinations! Please check the compatibility below before purchasing Fujifilm Clip-In filters.

This issue stems from the limited space between the sensor frame and the back of the lens being too small with some older Fujifilm models, and certain lenses when used together.

Below is a database for compatibility that we’re actively adding to. If your body/lens is not listed here, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the clip-in filters will fit. If you have tested a combination not listed below, please feel free to reach out via email; we would greatly appreciate your feedback so that we can build this database further.

Fujifilm Camera Body/Lens Compatibility List:

These cameras have full compatibility and will work with standard and slim filter versions with all lenses we’ve tested so far:

X-T1 / X-T3 / X-T4 / X-T5 / X-H2 / X-H2S


The cameras below have partial compatibility which depends on the lens. We recommend slim filters to maximize compatibility. If you have one of these cameras please refer to the table below to see which specific combinations will work:

X-T2 / X-T20 / X-E2 / X-Pro 3


If your camera isn’t listed here unfortunately we do not yet have lens/clip-in data available yet, and cannot guaranty that the lens, body, and filter combination will work.


Partial Compatibility Partial Compatibility
Standard Filters Slim Filters
8mm f/2.8 (Rokinon fisheye) Y Y
12mm f/2.8 (Zeiss Touit) Y Y
14mm f/2.8 N Y
16mm f/1.4 WR N Y
16mm f/2.8 R WR N Y
18mm f/1.4 R LM WR Prime Lens N Y
18mm f/2 N Y
23mm f/1.4 (mk 1) N N (depends on model)
23mm f/2 R WR N N (depends on model)
27mm f/2.8 (mk 1) N N (depends on model)
27mm f/2.8 R WR (mk II) N N (depends on model)
35mm f/1.4 N Y
35mm f/2.0 WR N N
XC 35mm f/2 N Y
50mm f/1 R WR Y Y
50mm f/2 R WR Y Y
56mm f/1.2 (mk 1) Y Y
56mm f/1.2 R WR (mk II) N Y
56mm f/1.2 R APD Y Y
60mm f/2.4 R Macro N Y
80mm f/2.8 WR (Macro) Y Y
90mm f/2.0 WR Y Y
200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR Y Y
10-24mm f/4 (mk 1) Y Y
10-24mm R OIS WR (mk ii) Y Y
15-45mm PZ OIS N Y
16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS Y Y
16-55mm f/2.8 WR Y Y
16-80mm f/4 WR Y Y
18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Y Y
18-120mm f/4 R LM WR Power Zoom Y Y
18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 WR Y Y
XC 50-230mm OIS Y Y
50-140mm f/2.8 WR Y Y
55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 Y Y
70-300mm R LM OIS WR Y Y
100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 Y Y
150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM OIS WR Y Y
Macro Tubes
MCEX 11 (macro extension tube) Y Y
MCEX 14 (macro extension tube) Y Y
MCEX 16 (macro extension tube Y Y
1.4X TC WR (teleconverter) Y Y
Third Party Lenses
Viltrox 13mm N Y


To watch the Magnetic Mounting Plate Installation video, please click here.

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Additional information

Filter Set Options

IR Filter Set (slim), ND Filter Set, Diffusion Filter Set, IR Filter Set

Lifetime Guarantee

At Kolari, we build our filters to last and have complete confidence in their performance. You will too with our lifetime guarantee against defects. If you find something wrong with your filter, at any time, write us at contact@kolarivision.com. Visit our FAQ section for more information.

IR Filter Choices

Direct from Camera, Custom White Balance
Channel Swapped Black & White Direct from Camera, Auto White Balance
590 Filter 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 590 SWB FC 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 590 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
665 Filter 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 665 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
720 Filter 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 720 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
850 Filter 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) N/A 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) 850 Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Blue IR
Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (custom white balance) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Black and White) Blue IR Infrared Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)
Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (custom white balance) Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (Channel Swapped) Full Spectrum BW Full Spectrum Conversion Filter (Auto White Balance)

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  1. apollon (verified owner)

    The rear ND filters had much less, if any, color cast than the B+W ones I owned.
    No visible loss of IQ with the clear rear filter that I could tell at 1:1 magnification.
    Outstanding products.

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