Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter Sets for Canon RF-Mount (Full Frame)

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Kolari Magnetic Clip-In Filter Sets for Canon RF-Mount (Full Frame)

We’re excited to introduce our new magnetic R mount clip filters! Compatible with the RF mount cameras, our Kolari R Clip-In Filters can be used to add rear filtering to RF lenses, or two layers of filtering when paired with the Canon RF to EF Drop-In Filter Adapter. The clip filter can be used to quickly change the effective spectrum of a full spectrum camera or naked camera, bringing it from visible light to infrared, or other.

We are also launching a specially calibrated naked camera that will have an optimized focus for when a clip filter is installed. Our aim is to bring the modularity of a professional video camera to the RP, R, R6, and R5 cameras. Kolari clip filters are designed to have a similar thickness to the original OLPF so that corner sharpness is not degraded.

Our Kolari R Clip-In Filters are compatible with the Canon EOS RP, R, R5 & R6. The Canon EOS RP has a non-magnetic plastic inner mount but we provide a magnetic mounting plate with our filters that easily convert your RP to be compatible with our magnetic clip-in filters. (This is not needed for the R, R5, & R6.)

Filter Set Options:

ND Set: 
3-Stop, 6-Stop, 10-Stop ND

Diffusion Set:
Mist 1/4. Mist 1/4 + 3-Stop, Mist 1/4 + 6 Stop, Mist 1/8. Mist 1/8 + 3-Stop, Mist 1/8 + 6 Stop

Infrared Set:
590 nm, 665 nm, 720 nm, 850 nm, Hot Mirror

IR Complete Set:
590 nm, 665 nm, 720 nm, 850 nm, IR Chrome Lite, H-Alpha, Hot Mirror, Iridium

Astro Set:
Light Pollution, UV/IR Cut (H-Alpha Pass), UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2


Canon RP, Canon R5, Canon R6, Canon R

Our infrared filters will require a full-spectrum modified camera to produce the proper effect. (590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, IR Chrome Lite, UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2)

Additional information

Filter Set Options

ND Filter Set, Diffusion Filter Set, IR Filter Set, IR Complete Filter Set, Astro Filter Set


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