Kolari Gen 3 Full-Spectrum Infrared 10-Filter Kit

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Kolari Gen 3 Full-Spectrum Infrared 10-Filter Set

  • 550nm Infrared – Gen 3
  • 590nm Infrared – Gen 3
  • 665nm Infrared – Gen 3
  • 720nm Infrared – Gen 3
  • 850nm Infrared – Gen 3
  • Blue IR/NDVI – Gen 3
  • IR Chrome
  • UV/IR Cut H-Alpha Pro
  • UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2
  • Kolari Pro 10-Stop IRND

(About 30% Discount when compared to buying individually!)

These external infrared filters are perfect for adding to a full spectrum conversion or on top of another infrared conversion to get a different effect. These are high-quality polished optical glass IR filters, each with standard front and back threads.

These professional-grade filters are our finest IR glass. All of our pro filters are AR coated and come in our Gen 3 filter ring.


  • Anti-reflective (AR) coated to increase light transmission and reduce flare and ghosting
  • Slim filter ring for reduced vignetting when using wide-angle lenses or when stacking filters
  • Front and rear threaded unlike other slim filters
  • Brass CNC Machined construction for a light and strong ring
  • Finger grips for easier filter removal

These external infrared filters are perfect for adding to a full spectrum conversion. Click here for more information on Full-Spectrum conversions!

Attention: IR Chrome, Hot-Mirror, 550nm, 590nm IR, 665nm, Blue IR/NDVI filters require a full-spectrum converted camera to produce the desired visual effect!

Transmission Curves (Industry Standard Uncoated Glass and AR coated filters)

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Lens Filter Size

49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm

Lifetime Guarantee

At Kolari, we build our filters to last and have complete confidence in their performance. You will too with our lifetime guarantee against defects. If you find something wrong with your filter, at any time, write us at contact@kolarivision.com. Visit our FAQ section for more information.

AR Coating


Uncoated glass has a reflection of around 7.7% at all wavelengths (about 4% when the light enters the glass, and another 4% when the light exits the glass), and we found that these reflections off the sensor filter was bouncing off the glass and reflecting back from the lens housing and aperture blades to contributing to the hotspots.  We developed an anti-reflective coating that is centered around the IR wavelengths that cause hotspots, and reduced the ~7.7% reflection down to <0.4% on average over the IR band, compared to our competitors coating which reduces <1.0%. Below, scan data from our sensor filter coating compared to uncoated glass.

Kolari AR Coating

Lens Filter AR Coating

We also now offer our AR coatings on our IR filters and hot mirror filters. The AR coating reduces increases transmission and reduces reflections and ghosting.  Example below of one example of a filter reflection artifact. Left, shot through an uncoated IR filter, right, shot through AR coated IR filter. Please note, the lens filter AR coatings do not have an effect on hotspots.

Lens Filter AR Coating

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