Infrared Conversion Nikon Z6 Infrared Converted Mirrorless Camera



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Brand new camera with original accessories, has been taken out of the box to convert to infrared, will be black color.

The Nikon Z6 features live view and an electronic viewfinder, two indispensable features for focusing and composing directly in infrared.

NOTE: Dust reduction systems are disabled after conversion.

WARNING: The Nikon Z6 will set a white balance on the 720 and 850nm filters only. It also contain an internal diagnostic IR Led. This can cause light leaks when using very long exposures and high ISOs in the H-alpha and IR enabled conversions, in the range of 30 second exposures at 6,400 ISO. This issue can be avoided when using silent shutter mode.

Cameras are made to order, allow up to a week for order shipment.


Package contents include:

  • Nikon Z6 Digital Camera (converted)
  • Battery and Charger
  • All Original Nikon Accessories
  • Kolari Vision Camera Strap

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Weight 3 lbs


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