Ilford SFX A 720nm Infrared Gel Filter

Filter Size


The Ilford Infrared Gel filter is perfect for DIY solutions for infrared photography. They are very rare and we have a limited supply in stock! When used with a full-spectrum or infrared converted camera, they will perform very much like our glass 720nm IR lens and conversion filters. The Ilforld Gel filter provides a classic IR look with muted color, dark skies, and excellent black and white performance with very little loss in image quality. The infrared gel filter comes in flexible 58x58mm squares that can be placed in front of your lens with square or improvised mounts. They can also be easily cut to shape to fit behind the lens, inside your lens mount, and in front of the sensor. They make the perfect IR solution for large ultra-wide or fish-eye lenses and other optics that have trouble adapting a standard threaded lens filter due to size or vignetting. Just cut to shape and slip inside your lens mount for excellent infrared photos.

Note: Gel Infrared gel filter is intended for use with converted cameras only. Photos shown are taken with a full-spectrum converted Sony A7 with infrared gel filter in front of lens. IR example photos are channel swapped in Photoshop and/or converted to black and white.



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